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Debutopia is the fat lover’s paradise. Do you seek love, or do you seek more meaty pleasures? It’s time to make that decision.

If the title and pictures didn’t give it away, this game focuses on fat women and those who obsess over that body type. There are those who say that large girls give more cushion for the pushin’; others state that the only way to actually know where to have sex with fat girls is to roll them in flour to find the wet spot. What is important is that there is no fetish shaming here. In Debutopia, there is a little something for everyone.

First off, it is important to note that there may be some confusion as far as the title goes. Valkyria initially released this game under the name “Debu Plus“. This was most likely intended as a reference to Love Plus, a game for the Nintendo DS released in 2009 about finding your ideal virtual girlfriend. Debu Plus released one year later for the PC and everything was fine for approximately two years. In 2012, Valkyria announced it was going to make a sequel to Debu Plus, which was then titled New Debu Plus. This started to cause some confusion as to whether this was a new release or a re-release. On October 18, Ordin Soft, the parent company of Valkyria, issued a press release to clear things up. Most notably was a change to the title of both games. Debu Plus was renamed to Debutopia and New Debu Plus became Motto! Debutopia. Any copies released after October 18th had the name changed. Apart from that, everything else remained the same.

In Debutopia, you play the role of Honekawa Keiji, a high school student who suddenly receives a love letter with no name attached to it. In the letter, the mystery author asks for Keiji to wait for them on the hill outside the school. Not knowing who to expect or what he really has to lose, he waits there. After a while of waiting, he hears footsteps running up to him and as they approach, the steps get more intense and forceful. Then he is greeted with a girl that is flushed and out of breath standing next to him. The girl introduces herself as Ririka Yamamoto. Impressed by Keiji’s act of saving a dog from traffic (which happened off-screen) she confesses that she has a crush on him. Ririka asks if Keiji will go out with her and after thinking about it, he accepts, beginning a storyline that can result in a few different outcomes.

Who can say no to a face like that?

As the game plays out, Ririka starts out as an inexperienced virgin. Initially, she only wants to hang around you, kiss and be “lovey dovey”. Over time and multiple sex situations, each one an escalation from the last, she gradually accepts herself as a sexual being. She has a very naive personality. To put it in a Japanese context, she acts “Dere-dere”.

That in no way means this is just another vanilla nukige; far from it. In fact, the second sex scene in the game is using Ririka’s stomach rolls to make a faux pussy for a bellyjob. Keiji tends to get increasingly more perverse with his ideas. While the first time is a boob job with a blowjob, they escalate into a bellybutton fuck, a soda enema, and bondage play, just to name a few examples. With the exception of a few of them, Ririka is always hesitant, and understandably so.

Coca-Cola Assic?

You can hear that hesitation as Ririka’s voice trembles nearly each time one of the sex scenes starts. Nakaya Shiho pulls out all the stops in giving a voice to her. Her work is relatively uncommon in the west, but that does not mean she is inexperienced. Her most famous western role would be in Eiyu*Senki as the role of Ashoka, the ruler of India. As for her performance in Debutopia, she absolutely astonishes me. She has a great ability to garble her words enough to sound semi-coherent, but still retain a faint sense eroticism. Granted, a lot of the incoherent sex babble sounds like pig noises (no doubt intended by the developers), but each one is well done and obviously had a lot of effort put into it. There is one scene that needs addressing in particular: the second time Ririka and Keiji meet under the tree and have their first kiss. There are so many sloppy kissing noises that I couldn’t help but laugh. Judging from the voice direction and actions in the game, the staff probably had a great time creating this game.

As jarring as some of the vocal noises are during the sex scenes, the music is quite the same as well. Most of the non-sexual background music is appropriate — the heartfelt sex scenes even more so. Where it falls apart is during the hard sex scenes. During those sex scenes where things start getting really hot and heavy, the music has a complete tonal shift. It shifts from upbeat music to hard rock music right when Keiji is about to cum, and then shifts to a different rock song if he wasn’t done after his first shot. Just when you get used to the hard rock music, the sex scene ends and the music shifts back to the normal background music that fits with the typical “spring in Japan” setting.

The background illustrations are adequate. Since this is a visual novel focusing on a character’s rotund appearance, they tend to take up a majority of the screen. As for the character design, there is very little to talk about. A great job was done portraying Ririka, but apart from her, there are really only two other characters of note: Keiji and Ririka’s sister Sachie. Sachie is only really added to the story to promote a different game, Play! Play! Play!, in which she plays a major role. Keiji, as you may have guessed, turns out to be an average high school male with an average build and no face. Apart from criticizing a few pictures for showcasing chubby, baby-like arms, there’s not much to say. Ririka is meant to appeal to fat fetishists, and she does exactly that. It is worth noting here that the artwork seen in the title screen is not available elsewhere in the game. The more progress you make in the game, the more pictures are available to cycle through.

Debutopia is a visual novel and basically a nukige. It’s also important to note here that the game is entirely in Japanese. Currently, there are no plans for any western release or any fan translations. As a result, most of the west will not be able to read the story. Fortunately, though, there are only a few choices given by the game that actually matter. Most of them do not affect the story in any way. One such example involves Keiji either giving up and watching Ririka be violated by tentacles or try to help. Apart from a small change in the dialogue, which is in Japanese anyway, there is no difference in the art you unlock by progression. The same applies to the quiz Ririka gives you. To help you “study”, she takes your notebook and asks you some questions. These all test your knowledge of the “fat” world. No real reward is offered for getting them correct or incorrect, just self-satisfaction in knowing you’re familiar with the fat culture of another country.

Hmmm… I’ll go with pig pig woman Ririka.

Fat lovers rejoice! This game is pure fetish fuel to make that fire in your loins burn the house down. Don’t get too excited, though; considering the game is Japanese language only, you’ll be missing out on a good chunk of the story. Ririka’s model is on point if you like your women big, but keep in mind she is the only woman you’ll be seeing naked. Debutopia is clearly not for everyone, as it’s meant to cater towards a specific fetish. If you want a fat anime stylized girlfriend, you can’t go wrong here. The art will win out over the music and language problems. To those not already inside the rotund fat fetish circle, pass on this game. Without the art to carry it for the average player, the music will serve to disjoint the game and the lack of a translated story will not keep the player’s interest.

The game is available on DLsite  for approximately $14.55. If DLsite is not your cup of tea, it is also available on DMM and Getchu. A fair bit of warning: if you actually care about the storyline for Debutopia, you will want to avoid Getchu, as their sample pictures contain spoilers.

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