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Pillow Talk Episode 2: King of the Shill

The second episode of Pillow Talk, LewdGamer’s official podcast, is now available online for easy listening.

After somehow not being lynched for the misgivings in the prior episode, our podcast continues with the second episode. On this episode of Pillow Talk Blue, Rillania, and Panda are joined by T51BWinterized (Winter) in their never-ending journey of sexual deviancy. Topics discussed this time around include current projects for LG, Karmasutra, Critical Bliss’ upcoming game, what got us into lewd games in the first place, and modern day cellular phones being devoured. Episode two of Pillow Talk can be seen on YouTube or listened to via our SoundCloud.

Due to a few scheduling complications regarding the next episode, the mailbag for episode three is not open at this time. The mailbag will be opened at a later date, so keep any questions you have safe until then.

See you next time, and stay gold.

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  • Garuga

    You really need someone to help you edit and mix everything, it’s really painful to listen to. 🙁

    • Godzillasaurusjr

      Judging just by the first episode, I agree. Also, with or without editing and mixing, someone needs to step up and take charge to keep the conversation going – there were many instances of people not seeming to know it was their turn to talk.
      I still listened all the way through (because I was at work and can’t really touch my phone during, or I’ll get “ick” all over it), and discovered there was some cool stuff in there as well.
      For example (still on the first episode): One of you mentioned, during the “specific fetish” thing that they like it when grown men are being raped by loli and act like they can’t fight off a little girl – I’d never considered that scenario, but it sounds awesome!