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Quest Failed: Chapter 2 Has its First Trailer Introducing Characters

FrostWorks has released a character introduction trailer for their upcoming title, Quest Failed: Chapter 2.

Earlier this month, FrostWorks released a trailer for Quest Failed: Chapter 2, the sequel to the visual novel all about being raped by monster girls. The trailer itself provides an introduction to new characters and their voice talent. Fans of monster girls will be happy to hear about three new additions to the monster girl roster — a mermaid, an alarune, and a mimic. There are also introductions to some human townsfolk that the protagonist Matt will interact with. If that’s not enough for you, the end of the trailer promises there are more to come, and it even shows the silhouettes for a spider and some sort of demonic knight.

For the most part, new details have been fairly scarce for the upcoming sequel, but we found a few pieces of info scattered about the internet. In a comment posted by FrostWorks on his page, he answered a few questions regarding Quest Failed: Chapter 2. For starters, there is the possibility that an alpha segment will be released on Patreon as early as this month. There was also a mention about the addition of some good old-fashioned human girls, and the dirty things that may happen between them and Matt. FrostWorks also reiterated the fact that Chapter 2 will have more player agency which would allow for more control over the direction of the story.

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