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Visual novel publisher Mangagamer has announced two new title acquisitions at Anime Central.

At this year’s Anime Central convention in Rosemont, Illinois, Mangagamer announced two new titles from prior partners. The first title is an NTR-focused title by Atelier Sakura, named Marina’s Cuckolding Report, while the second second title is the sequel to Waffles Funbag Fantasy, which is aptly named Funbag Fantasy – Sideboob Story.

For your reading pleasure, you will find trailers, synopsis’, and sample CGs of the titles below.

Marina’s Cuckolding Report

One day when surfing the internet, Kenji Azuma comes across a site for men who love loaning their wives out to other men and finds himself incredibly turned on. He decides to ask his wife, Marina, if she would be willing to sleep with another man, and she agrees–will everyone benefit equally from this “loan play,” or will Kenji find himself left behind?

Funbag Fantasy – Sideboob Story

Set two years after the events of Kyonyuu Fantasy’s true ending, the kingdom of Edellant has prospered under the reign of King Lute and his harem. However outside forces throughout the continent aren’t sure what to make of this new king and each have their own plots concerning him. The neighboring realm of Ringobalt is just looking for a justifiable excuse to pick a fight with its neighbor in retaliation for a certain occurrence at the end of KF, the churchmen of Bakachin are livid at Lute’s marriage to a monster and seek a way to discredit both him and Shamshel, and the kingdom of Fronce is trying to figure whether to regard Lute as a potential ally or enemy.

You can check out our review of the original Funbag Fantasyhere.

We will keep you up to date on any breaking developments we come across in regards to these new releases.

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