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Sekai Project has launched a merchandise and pre-order Kickstarter campaign for Favorites’s title, Hoshizora no Memoria.

The Kickstarter campaign for Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-, also known as Hoshimemo, was announced and subsequently launched during Sekai Project’s Anime Central 2017 panel today. While Hoshimemo was the main crux of the panel announcements, the publisher also announced plans to release VOID, a title by Just Deserts developer Vifth Floor. The campaign is already sitting at $14,066 of its $45,000 initial goal just a few short hours after its announcement and launch.

As stated on the Kickstarter, the actual title itself has already been fully funded and is currently undergoing translation, so the campaign is serving as a form of pre-order store for the game and merchandise goodies. The campaign has also confirmed the planned release of an 18+ Denpasoft version of the game, although there are no specific details on how the adult version will be handled as of yet.

In addition to offering limited edition physical goodies such as a deluxe box set, tapestries, shikishi, dakimuras, and posters, the campaign also contains a stretch goal at $75,000 to localize Hoshimemo’s fandisk, titled Hoshizora no Memoria Eternal Heart, which contains additional story routes that serve as a sequel to Yume and Mare’s routes and other side stories for the other heroines. If this stretch goal is obtained, Eternal Heart will receive both an all-ages and 18+ localization of the fandisk and a deluxe box set, while other Eternal Heart-related goodies will become unlocked in the Kickstarter.

For your reading pleasure, below you will find character bios, opening video, synopsis, and sample CGs from the title:


Opening Video

After their mother passes away, Kogasaka You and his younger sister, Chinami, pack up and move out of the city back to their hometown of Hibarigasaki to live with their aunt Shino. Before making the move to the city, You spent almost every single day after school playing with a girl up at the town observation lookout; she was You’s first true friend. And when she learns of You’s upcoming relocation to the city she becomes very upset…so much so that she makes him promise to her that one-day he must return to Hibarigasaki to marry her. And with a final departure she kisses You on the forehead.

Years later, upon returning to Hibarigasaki, You comes across a now abandoned, fenced-off observatory lookout. It is at this lookout where he encounters a mysterious scythe-wielding girl named Mare who looks strangely like his childhood friend from years past. But as You’s life back in his hometown progresses, he is able to makes new friends both in the astronomy club at school and while working at a local restaurant, all while still attempting to seek out his childhood friend. Intrigued, he continues to visit with this mysterious girl at the lookout, but who is she really, and will he ever be to find his childhood friend and make good on his promise?

You can check out the campaign’s Kickstarter here.

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