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Sweet Young Bride Now Available on MangaGamer

Ammolite’s Sweet Young Bride, translated and published by MangaGamer, is finally out for all lover of small, petite girls.

After Sweet Sweat in Summer: The Naughty Girl and Her Ripe Scent, a second visual novel by ammolite has finally arrived in the West in English. This very short visual novel follows Kouta, a man who gets married to a girl named Hazuki through a government-sponsored marriage program. The story follows their later married life and all the perks of it as they get to know each other more intimately.

Check out the game’s story summary and character introductions just below.

This is a story of a government-sponsored marriage program that has become a normal and accepted part of everyday modern life. Average people like Kouta, who figures he’ll have to search for a wife of his own, really want to take advantage of this program. One day, he is contacted by agents from the Program, announcing that he’s been selected to participate. He’s introduced to a girl named Hazuki Izayoi, the two are quickly married, and now they start their newlywed life together.

What kind of life awaits Kouta and Hazuki, who have married each other as complete strangers?

Sweet Young Bride - Hazuki

Hazuki Izayoi

Thanks to the Government-Sponsored Marriage Program, Hazuki has recently become Kouta’s wife.

She has a reserved and modest personality, but is also dependable and hardworking.
Even though she appears foreign, Hazuki is fond of Japanese culture, and she can’t sleep unless she’s wearing her favorite yukata.
She’s self-conscious about how small and underdeveloped her body is.

Hazuki is currently dedicating herself to her husband, the protagonist.

The downloadable version of Sweet Young Bride is now available from MangaGamer for Windows platforms for $14.95. The game contains female voice acting and mosaic censorship.

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  • Testy

    Wonder why they kept it censored, like the first ammolite game.

    • razisgosu

      As far as I know Mangagamer asks for no-mosaics, but its up to the Japanese developer to provide them. Since ammolite is new to western releases, its possible they just aren’t comfortable breaking what is normally Japanese law and providing non-mosaic CGs.

  • Tomato

    I wonder why people would buy censored games when there are numerous good uncensored titles that would take years to read.

    • Guest

      I am sure it was Ammolite’s choice to keep it censored, not Mangamer’s. Probably because it has a loli character.

      • Tomato

        Yes, Mangagamer is solid. Yet this doesn’t change what i said.