...the fuck?

7DOTS has posted a Steam Greenlight page up for a brand new yuri visual novel,  School of Magic for Girls.

7DOTS, creators of the yuri-focused visual novel, Sweet Fantasy, have put up another game on Steam Greenlight. There new title, School of Magic for Girls, is another ecchi yuri adventure. It has dating elements, multiple endings, and is planned for release on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Now, one question that arises from this Greenlight page is whether or not this a sequel to Sweet Fantasy. The description for this game doesn’t mention any story elements that would be strongly linked to Sweet Fantasy, but they do refer to the game’s title as being Sweet Fantasy: School of Magic for Girls. Just as curious, the trailer is listed on YouTube as Sweet Fantasy 2. In any case, the game itself sounds like a fairly straightforward visual novel/dating sim.

What are you gonna do at magic school for girls, if you aren’t so good in sorcery and don’t even want to become a witch in first place? Especially if you accidentally summoned a pervy succubus right into your own room and now you gotta hide it from everyone. And on top of that, some straight-A students keep disappearing, and your best friend can be next one. Is there a way to send succubus back and solve a mystery of disappearing students? And who’s behind it all?


* Date 3 girls! (succubus, human and elf)

* Lots of great ecchi art.

* Multiple endings

* Lots of achievements to get

Windows, MacOS, Linux

You can check out the School of Magic for GirlsGreenlight page if you’d like to cast a vote. This title will be available in English and Russian. You can also check out their previous title, which has received a “Very Positive” rating on Steam, as well as an adult patch.

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