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MangaGamer has opened pre-orders for the trap-filled puzzle game, Dungeon of Corruption. No, not that kind of trap.

In a tweet from yesterday evening, MangaGamer announced that they were opening pre-orders for Hentai Industries’ lewd puzzle game, Dungeon of Corruption: Trials of the Female Knights. From the description, this game sounds a lot like Tecmo’s Deception series. The player must set sequences of traps in order to break the armor and will of any would-be treasure hunters. The more traps you can combo together, the more damage you’ll cause. As you progress, you will also gain the ability to summon monsters after the intruders.

Test the faith of the humans!

What sort of trial have the Gods of Light and Darkness given?

The apostles will wander, lost, in the dungeon in search of the sacred treasure. Their final trial will likely begin after they find all four fragments of the sacred treasure.

Read the movements of the Apostles wandering throughout the dungeon and predict where they’ll go, in order to place traps along future path!

In order to render the invincible Apostles defenseless, you have to Armor Break them! As you combo traps together, the Apostles will lose their divine protection… and the longer the combo, the more damage you’ll do to them!

As you lewdly torment the Apostles, you’ll gain the ability to summon more monsters! An army of monsters to fight the half-naked Apostles!

Dungeon of Corruption promises elves, tentacles, and puzzle gameplay. If you like being a little masochistic with your anime babes, there’s that too. It will be available for Windows platforms on June 2nd and will be uncensored, free of mosaics. The game will sell for $12.95, but it comes with a pre-order discount, bringing the price down to $11.65. You can check out more details on MangaGamer.

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