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Visual novel publisher Sekai Project has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Seventh Heart Studios title Eternal Hour.

[UPDATE 5/16/17] The article was published with an incorrect Kickstarter link going to a different campaign. The link at the bottom of the article has been fixed and corrected to the Eternal Hour Kickstarter page.  [/UPDATE]

Publisher Sekai Project has launched a Kickstarter campaign on behalf of visual novel developer Seventh Heart Studios for their first visual novel title, Eternal Hour. The campaign is currently at $3,475 of its initial funding goal of $7,692. Funding from the campaign will go towards most aspects of the game’s development, from art to voice acting. Stretch goals include more animations, extended endings, a new route, an extended soundtrack, and a prequel.

The title will initially be released with English voice acting, although the developer plans to add Japanese voice acting to the title down the road. The title will also feature 18+ scenes, full HD graphics, over 24 endings, and utilize Live2D animation. Live2D is an animation engine similar to the E-Mote system used in several visual novel titles, such as the Nekopara series, Corona Blossom, and LoveKami -Divinity Stage-. The title also boasts a time manipulation mechanism that the protagonist will be able to use, although this mechanic will have negative effects on him.

For your reading pleasure, below you will find character bios, opening video, synopsis, and sample CGs/images from the game:


Yasu Fujimoto – The Protagonist!

Yasu is an eighteen-year-old boy living in the Podunk land of Tokiya. An orphan since his youth, Yasu was raised by his aunt Rin and had to deal with life the best he could. The lack of parents and Aunt Rin’s drinking problem added a bit to Yasu’s sarcastic spirit, but he still fits well in with his friends and classmates.

Yasu always looked for fun and excitement, but the cozy life in his hometown never brought him much of either and now he is inclined to take up any crazy adventure that his friends might come with.

Without any extraordinary skill, or clear dream, Yasu is a little zany sometimes and might miss the point, but he always makes up for it with his charm and peaceful view on life!

With his newfound powers, Yasu’s choices will have more weight on both his life and his friends; The true challenge is for you to discover how to save your friends from their fates and to find the route you like best!

Hikaru Tsukino – Yasu’s first love!

Hikaru is a sweet girl who volunteers to watch over the kids at the Starlight Orphanage and plans to do it full-time after their graduation. Hikaru is an innocent and good-willed girl, but she can also be ditsy and gullible at times, as well as quite oblivious to Yasu’s feelings for her.

Hikaru is always doing her best to help others, but she is losing sleep, skipping classes and even failing some of her exams over the hours she spends at Starlight Orphanage. This all led her to fear that she might never graduate. It all may be to Yasu’s advantage, as he can choose to spend more time with Hikaru and help remedy her grades, slowly flourishing a sweet – mellow romance.

Naoko Ueda – The nerdy childhood friend!

Naoko is the geeky type of girl who has good grades in physics, loves to read romance stories and has insightful answers to any questions asked She is quick to catch up on the situation at hand and swiftly come with a solution! Naoko is a bit shy at times, and her friends tend to sway her into all kind of unwanted adventures as she finds it hard to keep secrets, all while trying to keep her cool at all times.

Naoko is one of Yasu’s oldest friends, having known him long before anyone else. They also share an unfortunate event as Naoko’s father left her mother around the same time Yasu lost his parents. This led to a special bond between Yasu and Naoko: an understanding that doesn’t need words. They knew how the other felt and they’ve been there for each other ever since. Yasu always felt that there is more to their friendship than the words they shared, but he never had the courage to ask before, while Naoko always tried to hide her secret love for Yasu.

Naoko’s mother owns a cat-themed cafe (Caturday Cafe!) and Naoko has an inherent love for felines. She also owns a mischievous cat named Shiko, who will complicate things between her and Yasu.

Tamiko Takenaka – The most popular girl in school!

Tamiko is the school’s top athlete, with a black belt in martial arts, and multiple gold medals in the national archery tournaments.

She is dating Yasu’s friend, Katashi Tachibana, but their relationship is starting to fall apart as Katashi plans to leave the city and attend a university outside of Japan.

Tamiko has trouble maintaining her public image as meeting the expectations of her peers has afflicted her with a personality complex. All the stress has driven her to abuse others (like Naoko) as a means to ease the tension built up inside of her.

Tamiko is often accompanied by two girls who look like twins, Chikako and Chiyoko. The three of them share a groundless friendship that will eventually fall apart as Yasu grows closer to them.

Mai Wakahisa – World-wide super Idol!

Mai is a beautiful pop idol that rose to fame through her sweet voice and brilliant image.

Mai performed in many shows, has been harassed by crazy fans, and toured for months at once, but now she has grown tired of it all. The only thing she wants now is to take some time off and relax in her cozy hometown.

Daisuke, Yasu’s best friend, will ruin her little vacation simply by being himself and one of Mai’s group (R-Slide) biggest fans. Happily, this will also be the moment Mai meets Yasu.

At first Mai doesn’t like Yasu, and Yasu doesn’t like her either.

Mai’s short temper will always be an elementary trait of hers, as she will punch twice if pinched, but she’s also honest and often regrets her bad behavior after she had some time to reflect on it. At the end of the day, it’s just who she is and who she was made to be.

Rin Fujimoto – Yasu’s aunt and guardian.

Rin Fujimoto is Yasu’s aunt from his father side – much younger than his father but more responsible. Yasu’s parents disappeared suddenly when he was only seven, but Rin took Yasu into her care despite being very young herself.

Rin is a “mild” drinker in her thirties, and while she’s officially single, everyone suspects she has a secret relationship with one of her colleagues. She never speaks about it, so no one spent more time trying to find the truth. Yasu feels guilty for Rin’s “still single” title, so he never brings it into conversation.

Rin cares a lot about people and she has good intentions, even if she doesn’t show it often. Rin’s drinking problem will make Yasu’s life just a little bit harder every time they speak, but even so, Rin always puts an allowance aside for Yasu and she always tries to talk things through with him.

Daisuke Yamada – Yasu’s dense but trustworthy friend.

Daisuke is Yasu’s tall, well-built and trusty companion. He is always there for Yasu… to make his life a little harder!

While Daisuke may never try to do this, he always seems to make the wrong choice at the wrong time. It may be because he’s not smart enough, or that he’s just unlucky, but whenever he tries to help his friends, he seems to make things worse, all except for that one rare time when he’s a real life-saver.

With his great looks and interesting character, Daisuke could have been the perfect playboy, but his heart is far too kind and his imagination too obtuse so his personality ends up being far too goofy for that lifestyle.

Katashi Tachibana – Climber’s Club leader and mature thinker.

With a strong confidence and a tendency to order his friends around, Katashi is one of Yasu’s closest friends, and the one who keeps the Climber’s Club going forward.

Katashi has been Tamiko’s boyfriend for a while now, but their relationship looks more like a status quo to Katashi; He always puts in great efforts to make her happy and Tamiko always plays him down.

Yasu and Katashi have been friends for a few years now, but their friendship is just as questionable as Katashi’s relationship with Tamiko is. Katashi always relies on Yasu’s help for keeping things in check. Yasu often does the dirty work for Katashi to end up well, while Katashi cherishes having Yasu as a friend.

In his early childhood, Katashi lived with his parents overseas, where he also got his specific accent as his father is an well-known businessman. Although Katashi never learned much about the profession, he believes that academic results are a means of value for his life, and this led to him to work hard for the grades he has.



Eternal Hour starts off as a slice-of-life game about the daily life of average-yet-interesting boy named Yasu Fujimoto. Yasu had a pretty peaceful youth living with his aunt, but all is slowly changing as Yasu and his friends are closing in on the end of their high school life. Yasu fears that he is running out of time, and feels a suffocating pressure made by his own indecision and lack of achievements so far.

The Climber’s Club is a long-running tradition for Yasu and his friends. Katashi, the leader of the club, plans a little celebration for their graduation: He challenges the club to climb the ancient stone monolith of Epoch Tower.

At the top of the rocky mountain Yasu will find a moment of peace as he tastes his first real achievement of his life, but soon after, he will also notice a figure.

A hiss will distract him from its face. In a moment of clarity, Yasu will realize. The face is very familiar, but it is the last thing Yasu wants to see. His own face.

Yasu will rush to get down, but he will slip and fall from the mountain. When he wakes up, he will discover that he has an ability. A power that he won’t be able to understand but will soon learn to accept.

Eternal Hour is a unique story (Visual Novel) about the human mind and soul, expression and emotions: fear, jealousy, love and courage, all of which can ultimately turn into insanity and death.

Sample Images

You can check out the Kickstarter campaign for Eternal Hour here . The title also is currently up on Steam Greenlight, which contains a link to a demo of the first chapter of the game. The title will be compatible with PC, Mac, Linux, and Android systems.

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