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Kinetic Chronicle by milkysofts is an erotic action platform about a girl fighting her way through slimes, harpies, and other rape-happy monsters.

Thai H-game developer duo milkysofts is in the process of developing an erotic action platformer called Kinetic Chronicle. As per similar games, such as Future Fragmants, players will jump over obstacles and fire at hostile creatures in order to get from one end of the level to the other. Along the way, they have to fight through a field of monsters using a suite of superpowers (most notably telekinesis), who will attempt to get inside the heroine’s private parts, should said private parts find themselves within grasping distance of their monstrous adversaries.

Kinetic Chronicle’s protagonist is a 19-year-old redhead named Feley. She’s a treasure hunter looking for some kind of ancient treasure that is supposed to be able to save the world from a recent (and quite unfortunate) invasion by dragons. As of yet, there is no word on why that means that the plants are so horny.

The creators cite the Lightning Warrior Raidy franchise as an inspiration for the game, a reference to the fact that this game has boss fights with sexy women that result in sex scenes when the player loses. Some of the game’s sexual content is in the form of 2D art CGs, some of which is even animated; however, much of the sexual content also comes from the gameplay itself, where some of the monsters you encounter will initiate a sex animation if you get caught in their maw. As a result, all the sexual content in the game thus far is split between yuri encounters and tentacles/monster sex.

The current public demo for Kinetic Chronicle is version 0.1c. This version contains the first level or so of gameplay as well as the first boss fight against a blond woman named Teria. For that level, the H-scene for losing to her is already in place, but not the scene for when you beat her.

The download link for Kinetic Chronicle’s public demo can be found over at the milkysofts team’s Patreon page. That’s also where you’d head if you were looking to donate to the game’s production.

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