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Yaoi Horror VN Let's MEAT Adam Gets Mac Release

Team Smut has released a Mac version of their recently released yaoi horror visual novel with puzzle elements, called Let’s MEAT Adam.

Released at the beginning of May of this year, Let’s MEAT Adam is a bara eroge visual novel horror story centered around a group of seven men that find themselves trapped and potential victims of a deadly escape room game. The short visual novel and puzzle game hybrid features a murder mystery storyline, in which the choices you make decide the fates of the survivors, erotic yaoi scenes that, while there, aren’t the primary focus of the game, and two original music tracks.

You can read the full story synopsis, character bios, and view the game’s trailer and sample screenshots below.


Adam has that special something. His loved ones know it, 2 million of his followers on NowGram know it and finally he now thinks he knows it and grasps the weight of sparkling prospects before him. Soon EVERYONE will know it. He leaves everything familiar and moves to the west coast to pursue a career as an actor, model, life coach or maybe even a fitness guru…the possibilities are truly endless! He finds himself living in WeHo (West Hollywood), central village for the Los Angeles beautiful gay populace, and makes friends quickly like fellow aspiring actor Vince.

Meanwhile escape rooms are on the rise as an adult live-action gaming experience. Naturally one opens near the heart of WeHo and with production values that rival that of a major movie studio. An immense mansion is soon erected over the corpse of a ruined multi-level parking lot. Escape Mansion WeHo soon becomes popular for its multi-room, multi-hour format, mysterious information black-out policies in regards to its puzzles, lavish sets and rooms. Within months, demand for the elite experience is so high that attendance becomes via invite-only.

Luckily both Adam and Vince receive their invite to drop by on a busy summer weekend eve. Thrilled by their good fortune they decide to conquer this. However what happens once they discover they are trapped in a real escape room death game with 7 other strangers?


Protagonist. An east coast boy who has it all; classic American good looks and the “it” factor. He dreams of fame on the golden shores of California.

Brick house of a man who is a butcher at a revered local market. He also supports the LGBYT community as the director of the WeHo Chapter.

Almost black eyes are a marked trait of this truly hard-to-read individual. Earl’s demeanor could be a wall to protect his vulnerability.

Posh and airy, Kang’s love of the theatrical brought him to Escape Mansion WeHo. His apathetic style in all situations is admirable and troubling.

Posh and airy, Kang’s love of the theatrical brought him to Escape Mansion WeHo. His apathetic style in all situations is admirable and troubling.

The youngest of the group, Lucky is a colorful but cool nerd who comes across as soft spoken and sensitive. He is often the peace maker.

Personal trainer living the fast West Hollywood dream of boys, banquets, bands and burpees. His vanity is almost forgivable at times.

A shifty older man who apparently travels internationally as a documentarian or film-maker. He seems to prefer keeping things vague.



Let’s MEAT Adam can now be purchased over on the game’s official page for PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems for $7. A free demo of the title is also available on the same page for those wanting to try it out before committing to a purchase.

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