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SkyTube Brings Tony Taka's Nagisa no Seijo Deathmaria to Life

Nagisa no Seijo Deathmaria 1/7 — T2 Art Girls Figure is another one of Tony Taka’s illustrations brought into the realm of 3D.

Tony Taka is a prominent illustrator who’s 2D renditions have been so beloved that they made the jump to the 3D world in the form of a long line of figures. While a lot of them remain in the realm of cute and mostly safe for work, others are just downright lewd. From cute fairy and butterfly girls to gorgeous renditions of Vocaloids, Tony has quite the repertoire. That’s what we’re talking about today, with the announcement and pre-orders for the Nagisa no Seijo Deathmaria 1/7 — T2 Art Girls Figure.

Bursting to life from Tony’s T2 Art Girls illustration series, SkyTube brings us Nagisa no Seijo Deathmaria. Her 1/7 scale has her standing at 24.5cm (9.6in). She’s got her cute bikini on with the left side wrinkling up as if she’s ready to remove it, and remove it you can. For those of you who feel she’s overdressed, feel free to take off the top and bottom of her cast-offable garments. This will leave her with nothing but the essentials — a gun and holster.


Tony Taka strikes again with this awesome cast-off figure of Deathmaria. Inspired by Tony’s original illustration series T2 Art Girls, Deathmaria is shown carry two guns while dressed in a two piece bikini. She looks very similar to Shining Ark’s Kilmaria Aideen who also sports a cross necklace and two guns. You can remove here bikini to get a great look at her perfect body. Brought to you by SkyTube.

You can pre-order the Nagisa no Seijo Deathmaria 1/7 — T2 Art Girls Figure from J-List for $150, and as always, these pre-orders sport the expected 10% discount. You can expect to see her this Autumn, October 2017.

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