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Studio FOW Releases New Animation Slave of the Balrog

Studio FOW has released a brand new animation for. If you like seeing huge demons ravaging beautiful women with their massive cocks, then you just may find Slave of the Balrog to suit your desires.

SFM veterans Studio FOW have released another adult parody animation, this time with some good old-fashioned demon rape. Many will be happy to see this “return to form” in their newest video, Slave of the Balrog. Even though Studio FOW just recently released the video with Jill Valentine being violently raped by various Umbrella experiments, some people were disappointed to see the Zelda video featuring monsterless, vanilla sex.

Slave of the Balrog features Lisa Hamilton from the Dead or Alive series. After Donovan no longer has use for her, he tosses her to his new demon comrades to be used as a fuck toy. A demonic general Balrog has taken quite a liking to his new toy and now uses her ass on a nightly basis.

###Slave of the Balrog

Underworld, Present Day

Working for Donovan at M.I.S.T had many perks. This was not one of them.

Lisa, a brilliant scientist in her own right, thought that company benefits included not getting raped by demons along with her pension. She was wrong. About everything. Most of all about the lengths Donovan would go to achieve his goals. After he signed the pact with the demonic conquerors, he had no use for Lisa’s marquee research project on gene splicing. Who needs supersoldiers when you have the legions of Hell to command? And so Lisa became a loose end. A bargaining chip.

A fucktoy for the Underworld’s nefarious denizens. One such creature took a particular liking to her. A demonic general – the humans called it a Balrog. It was most pleased by Donovan’s generous gift. And the creature made use of its new plaything by ravaging her ass – every single night. The once brilliant scientist was reduced to little more than a mere plaything for this brute. But as that huge dick tore her open yet again that night, she bit down hard on her lip and offered herself willingly.

Slave of the Balrog is rather short, at Just over a minute in length. You can access the download link from Studio FOW’s website or you can watch it right here.

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