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In Pale Pure, an RPG Maker MV game by aRetired, choose between two girls who embark on erotic adventures in their small countryside town.

Pale Pure announces its fairy tail influence quite early on, with its storybook aesthetic and stated influence from Grimms Fairy Tails. The game is the first project by newbie developer aRetired and is being made in RPG Maker MV; however, despite being made with the RPG Maker engine, the game doesn’t feature combat, instead being built around mystery, social interaction, and moral choices.

The game’s story takes place in a small rural hamlet with some fantasy elements. Players select one of two girls to follow — wealthy blonde Annabel or poor brunette Kristen. Picking a different girl will give the player a different story to go through. Both stories are heavily erotic, and feature elements including murder mysteries and heavy themes of friendship. Depending on the choices players make, they can arrive at one of several endings.

The current version of Pale Pure (0.3a) has well over 60 H-scenes, with a total of more than 600 images. These scenes are constructed using CG characters, modified with filters in order to give it a more rustic feel. Sex scenes include more standard fetishes such as yuri, anal, fellatio, and exhibitionism; however, the game features other kinks such as incest, futanari, and bestiality. On his Patreon page, aRetired claims that he explicitly designed the game to be high in sex scenes and not require grinding in order to reach sex scenes.

Pale Pure is currently on version 0.3a at the time of this writing. If you would like to download a copy of the game or if you would like to donate to the developer, you can find aRetired’s Patreon here.

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