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Manor Stories is Looking to Fund Office Romance Eroge Sylvia

French Developer Manor Stories has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on the all-adult platform, Kimochi. Their goal is to raise $4,000 before May 21st to fund the creation of their erotic visual novel, Sylvia.

This title puts you in the role of a newly hired programmer for a tech company. Things are going pretty well at first, but there is someone attempting to interfere in your working relationship. A young assistant, Léa, seems hellbent on getting you to sleep with your busty boss, Sylvia. The problem is that you already have a girlfriend. While trying to manage these lovely ladies in your life, a fourth girl named Valérie joins the mix. It’s up to the player to handle the situation with extreme care.

While Japanese voice overs are the norm for VNs, Sylvia is rather unique in regards to language. It will feature English and French text, but it will also have French female voices. Here is an audio sample from Mademoiselle Nikita, the main voice actress in Sylvia.


VALÉRIE  Further details of this character will be released in the future.

To help motivate support further, Manor Stories already has the first chapter of Sylvia completed. Everyone supporting the $15 tier or higher will receive this first chapter as part of their rewards. Other backer perks include high res images of Sylvia and Léa as well as other art from the game, a copy of the completed game, early access builds, bonus chapters, name in the credits, a personalized sketch, and even the ability to create your very own chapter.

If the initial funding goal is met, Manor Stories has set a few stretch goals.

. 4,000 USD : We build the game with 5 chapters

. 6,000 USD : Main female cast fully voiced in English

. 7,000 USD : Additional chapter including a sex scene with Valérie

. 8,000 USD : Additional chapter including a sex scene with Léa

. 9,000 USD : Additional chapter including a sex scene with Sylvia

If you’re interested in Sylvia, but are still on the fence about donating, you can try the demo. It will provide roughly 25 minutes of linear gameplay and should give you a taste of what else is in store. Check out the campaign if you’re interested or want to check out the demo available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. You can also get future updates from Manor Stories from their Twitter or their website.

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