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In Total NC: Cameo Collector by Sadi, you collect girls from Pokémon, Overwatch, Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, and more for your brothel.

Majestic cartoon porn will take an H-game far, but not all the way. Sadistic Irony, also known as Sadi, is a popular artist on sites like Hentai Foundry, where she’s become renowned for her ultra-stylized Rule 34 material. Sadi has since shifted gears and now mainly makes hentai mini-games, which mostly feature a cacophony of characters from all across the media spectrum.

The primary brand of those mini-games is her Total NC series, which is unified only in that they all contain characters from other works, and said characters from other works are less then pleased to have a dick being shoved down their throats. NC stands for non-consensual, after all. The concept for Cameo Collector is that it was originally supposed to feature all of the characters from works that Sadi wished she could put in other mini-games. It has since expanded dramatically from there.

The premise here is thin as silk panties. You take over a shop run by your late uncle, and turn it into a brothel for women collected from different universes. Once you get a girl, you have customers fuck her until you can afford another girl, and another, and another. As of the current public release, that number has skyrocketed up 20, with a few bonus girls locked only to Patrons until a sufficient number of them are accumulated. Current plans seem to suggest this will go on until there are 36 girls, but the number could easily grow even larger.

It really is a packed roster. All of the girls are thinly veiled parodies, but we’ve got girls from Pokémon, Overwatch, League of Legends, Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, Danganronpa, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, The Last of Us, Soul Calibur, Ace Attorney, and more. You’re almost likely to at least find one girl you recognize in here.

The sheer amount of sexual content in this game is massive by the standards of a half-finished indie hentai game. Each girl gets four different scenes, using a variety of kinks that are simply astounding — lactation, anal beads, bukkake, clothes pins, etc. Plus, with 20 girls at present that means the current version has 80 hand-drawn sex scenes, a number significantly higher than most full hentai games. What’s more, with 36 girls set for the final version as well as some bonus scenes set to be added to the lounge, we’re looking at a game that might end up with somewhere in the ballpark of 170 or so different hentai CGs. It would seem the sex is plentiful.

Sadi’s style really does mesh well with Rule 34. The fact that it’s done in very obviously cartoony style helps unify the art style despite having a variety of characters from a variety of game styles. It also helps keep a relatively light and fun atmosphere despite the fact that all of these girls are being kept as helpless rape bait. It’s a credit to the game that it holds its tone so well. The writing is pretty sparse, but what writing does exist is on point and helps set the scene — as do occasional choices between lighter scenes and harder and more violent ones.

The whole thing is presented well, with a very clean and stylistic UI that resembles older 16-bit games. There is even a lounge in back where players can watch their collected girls, in what is essentially a fish bowl, while they are in the midst of sex animations with customers. Plus, word from the developer is that these segments will eventually get some hand-drawn porn sequences as well, making it a nice opportunity to stuff even more sex in.

Total NC: Cameo Collector is starving for writing. Starving. The game has a few lines of dialogue per sex scene, short introduction paragraphs for each girl, and then a short bio for each girl. There is also custom text being added for the training sequences, which is a welcome addition, but insufficient. Perhaps in a different game, that would be sufficient, but with so much sex the experience of looking at the game’s text is trying to spread one single cream cheese packet over five bagels. It’s thin, painfully thin, considering the presence of so many characters from other works, all of whom are starving for a chance to display the unique personality that got them into the game in the first place.

Then you have the game play. You collect money to buy new girls by making them whore. They can only do it a few times before they need to rest. There isn’t any kind of day system, so you can just keep clicking buttons until you have enough money. You can use money to give the girls more training and thus unlock new sex acts, but otherwise, all your money goes to getting more randomly selected girls. None of them have any stats besides energy and experience. Training is just one button click. The gameplay can almost be said to resemble a training sim, but it lacks really any of the complexity or engagement of that genre. This is a problem for the current build, because it turns the process of gaining new girls into a hassle rather then a challenge. There is nothing to the game besides grinding.

All of this brings to mind the fact that even on Sadi’s Patreon page, it clearly states that what she makes are “mini-games.” If one was describing the gameplay here, the label mini-game could certainly fit. However, the scope of the project, as well as the sheer scale of the content, clearly are not entirely consistent with that. I spoke to Sadi briefly over email for the purpose of the article, and in the conversation she explained that she begins all of her games as mini-games and then decides whether to expand them into full-sized games as they progress. Whether that means she plans on expanding the gameplay element of the game is hard to tell though.

Total NC: Cameo Collector’s current build is a two hour game with the amount of artwork of a fifty hour game, and the game play depth of a fifteen minute game. If the world’s largest hentai mini-game sounds awesome to you, feel free to check it out. If not, then you might want to sit back and wait for more content.

You can get the latest version of Cameo Collector over on Sadi’s NSFW gaming Patreon. If you really can’t wait for the latest batch of girls, you can get the latest Patreon-only version there as well.

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