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Lewdest Labyrinth Version 4 Packed With New Content

Independent developer mminit has recently released a new version of their erotic dungeon crawler RPG, Lewdest Labyrinth. Version 4 has received a huge gameplay and sexual content update.

First introduced as a part of Lewdjam 2016, Lewdest Labyrinth is a simple dungeon crawler eroge played in the first person perspective, in which you control a female hero traversing dangerous locations filled with rapey enemies and traps while trying to collect valuable loot.

The latest update to Lewdest Labyrinth, marked with version 4, adds a significant amount of content to both the dungeon crawling gameplay as well as the game’s sexual content. Mminit has added new destructible clothing items for the game’s heroine, new minibosses for the first two dungeons, fifteen game over sex scenes for each enemy available in the game, among rebalancing the title’s difficulty and multiple other technical and gameplay changes. The full list of changes found in version 4 can be seen here on the developer’s page.

You can check out our more in-depth preview of an earlier version of the Lewdest Labyrinth right here. Mminit has also made a few screenshots available from the latest version, which you can see below this paragraph.

You can grab the latest version of Lewdest Labyrinth by following this link to the game’s page. The game is available for both Mac and PC platforms.

Want to try a run of the labyrinth for yourself? You can check out the latest version of Lewdest Labyrinth on Mmnit’s page or their Tumblr account.

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