Daddy is coming

The public version of Fenoxo’s erotic sci-fi text adventure game, Trials in Tainted Space, has received a new public update, bringing the game to version 0.7.45.

Trials in Tainted Space, Fenoxo’s browser-based, erotic sci-fi adventure, is back with another update. The newest public version, labeled as 0.7.45, once again adds new scenes, items and several fixes to the kinky text-based space RPG adventure.

The full changelog, as posted on Fenoxo’s official blog, can be read below:

0.7.45 Changelog:

- Venus Pitcher dreams have been added to the game for those with a high submission score to the pitchers, penned by eSuccubus. (There’s a lot there too, even a bit for dicknipple folks and bimbos.)

- A bad-end for submitting to the venus pitchers too much has been added to the game.

- Hardlight Anti-grav Thong has been added. If nothing else, the name is worth a giggle!

- Some bugfixes.

What’s New Since Last Public Patch?

- Random egg drops when system time is around easter.

- Rare drops that unlock sexy stories in your codex.

- Basic resistance display has been added to the sense menu.

- Added betting petplay with Syri.

- Hugging or Kissing Syri added.

- Even more Syri scenes added.

- A small event between Kiro and Kally has been added.

- New busts: Gwen the Puazi, Crystal Goo Shopkeeper (from the silly mode crystal goo village), Luna Lunason, an uncoded submission (once again, artists ahead of everyone else), zil hoverfly, zil hornet, james, vending machine, RK Lah, Sally, Syri.

- New NPCs: Brandy the Cow-girl, Gil, Liamme.

- New Location with NPCs: The (F/B)ucking Bronco Saloon.

- New Items: Amazona Sweet Tea, New Ewe, Breeder’s Bliss, a cold-damaging weapon (sold by Anno).

- New Encounter: the Sub-Tuner collar.

- New masturbation options.

The latest version of Trials in Tainted Space is available here. If you’re on a mobile device, you can access the Android or iOS versions of the game at this link. 

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