Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

In Mr. ZZ’s The Gift, players take the role of a man who gets the power to make mind controlled slaves out of his boss, coworkers, and others.

Have you ever had a blonde boss who you were attracted to and then wanted to mind wipe into being your fuck-slave? It may be an oddly specific fantasy, but it is one that The Gift claims it can provide. The Gift, which is made using the Ren’py visual novel system, follows the story of a man stuck at an oppressive job, desperate to get into the panties of the various attractive women who work with him. When he ends up being given mind control powers, he uses said powers to enslave the women around him into a harem.

Gameplay follows a flow where the player goes around each day and talks to various girls, using his powers, and generally advancing his control each time he speaks to a girl. Initial segments are limited to the player’s company, but later segments open up and allow the players to enslave women from all over town, including a girl from the coffee shop and a lifeguard. The current version of the game has six girls in total who can be controlled.

The game uses 3D CGs for its sex scenes. These scenes are mostly centered around mind control and domination. Mr. ZZ has stated that because of improvements in his ability to make CGs and better renders, new versions will come out under the title “The Gift: Reloaded” and will start from scratch in terms of design. New features in the reloaded version include an increased focused on incest-related content, with the introduction of the player character’s mother and sister as potential harem members. Because releases of the game have come out in the time since he announced the remade version, it is unclear exactly what plans he has for the non-reloaded version and how far he plans to continue with it.

The latest playable build of The Gift is v0.25. If you want to check out the game for yourself or if you want to donate to the developer, you can find the latest builds over at his Patreon.

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