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[Update] What!!? My Neighbors are Demons!!? has been successfully funded in just under 16 days! Thanks everyone for the support! Here to reaching $10,000 by the end of the campaign![/Update]

It’s finally time to announce my first project, What!!? My Neighbors are Demons!!? with my new H-game team, Critical Bliss! For more details on why I have decided to start making my own games, be sure to read my previous disclosure and transparency note about it.

What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!? features Cevi and Vulse, the mascots for LewdMedia (and by extension, LewdGamer). The two demon twins end up moving next door to a human after they had “gotten bored” of their previous residence and take it upon themselves to “show her the error of her ways” by putting her in various unfortunate situations.

I love corruption and moral degeneration! Be sure to expect plenty of that in this and most of the games that I make in the future.

Themes present in my game include: mindbreak, transformation, corruption, moral degeneration, yuri, genderbending, drugging, mindcontrol, futanari, monsters, BDSM, public use, incest, and whatever other crazy shit I come up with.

Here’s more details about the project from the What!!? My Neighbors are Demons!!? Kickstarter:


Oh, poor Selene! It seems our protagonist was a bit too rough with her ex-boyfriend following high school. After being incapable of putting up with Selene’s insatiable lust, he decided to break off their relationship. Traumatized from being dumped, Selene became afraid of herself and has chosen to keep the lustful side of her personality locked away deep within her.

Now in college and living on her own, she has been mostly successful in this endeavor despite a few strange friendships and some lonely nights. Her resolve begins to wane, however, as the woman’s calm and solitary life get turned upside down by supernatural forces. Twin demons (a succubus and an incubus), secretly parading as humans, have moved in next to her.

Once the two twins find out that their “dear neighbor” is having a bit of a personality crisis, their interest in Selene skyrockets. Elated to have a new toy to play with, the demons decide to help in the best way fiendish and mischievous neighbors can… by making her life just a little more complicated!

Follow a strange and cheeky story about how the day-to-day life of a college girl turns into something straight out of a supernatural hentai manga!







This is a nukige (a visual novel with strong focus on adult content), so expect a lot of naughty stuff while you’re reading. W!?MNAD!!? has a strong focus on corruption and moral degeneration. Join our characters on their downward spiral of moral integrity.

A smooth and sensual soundtrack compliments our crazy scenes. Taking inspiration from the 80s, Critical Bliss aims to make high quality music you would want to hear outside of the story. We hope to deliver an original “A E S T H E T I C” experience.

What!!? My Neighbors are Demons!!? explores a lot of fetishes and fetishistic scenarios. One can expect tons of variety, positions, and themes. The choices made in H-scenes will alter how those scenes play out. Unlock secret endings based on your decisions! (Disclaimer: This is for the final version of the game.)

Discover secret easter eggs hidden throughout the game. Will you be able to find them all? (Even more hidden goodies if certain goals are met.)

Critical Bliss strives to have an ear for quality and sound direction. H-scenes just don’t feel complete without some naughty sounds. Please look forward to well-directed groaning, moaning, panting, and other luscious murmurs echoing in the background.

Sample Images:

Again, make sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign for more details, as well as the demo for the game. The full Director’s Cut of the game is slated for September 2017.

Supporting my games also helps support LewdGamer as well. As I mentioned previously, I want to make games in order to help fund all my projects and keep my writers paid without having to deal with the shitty advertising that you see on most adult websites.

I also want to make a statement giving you quality titles. I want to help inspire other devs to step up their game and, put simply, make better shit. I am lucky to have amassed a team that shares my vision on improving the scene and showing people that quality adult games can be done.

If you want to further support Critical Bliss you can back my team’s Patreon. What!!? My Neighbors are Demons!!? is a project that is simply preparing us for our eventual goal of making a spiritual successor to Violated Heroine. Yes, that Violated Heroine (except this time it will actually get done and not be in development hell forever).

For us to get to that point, we obviously need funds. We will experiment with making smaller titles that will lead us to achieving such a Herculean task in the future. Thanks for the support and please look forward to more updates and a future article explaining my design process!

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