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Kimochi Campaign Launched for Men Harem

Adult game developer Kinkoid Studio has launched a Kimochi campaign for their title Men Harem.

French developer Kinkoid is currently running a Kimochi campaign for a gay/boys love free-to-play spin-off of their title Harem HeroesFollowing along the same vein as Harem Heroes, Men Harem features spoofs of well-known male characters from various game, anime, and manga titles, and will revolve around creating your own harem of sexy men for some hot, sweaty fun.

The campaign is looking to raise $1,500 dollars for various aspects of the game’s development, and is currently sitting at $361 of its goal with a whopping 146 days remaining. The initial goal will fund the creation of the title’s first world/scenario and demo, while stretch goals will go towards the creation of more worlds, the game’s publishing, and additional scenes.

For your reading pleasure, below you will find a synopsis, info from the Kimochi campaign, and sample images:

Welcome into the fabulous world of… Ok, you know what?! Screw it! Collect sexy men and create the best harem is what our game is about! A crazy world where all men have gone crazy for sex! Yes, there is an adventure! What? Of course, this adventure is a REAL porn/hentai adventure. You know those characters on the picture bellow? Yes, because it’s a funny paroDICK world (ah ah!…hum… Yeah… we’re better in the game).

The sky is the limit! Our first campaign is dedicated to Harem Heroes, and thanks to Patreon, we continue doing what we love.  The journey has been long and difficult, but we somehow managed to achieve it through with our nasty minds and we didn’t stop wanting more. Actually, this is the big inspiration for Men Harem. So, there it goes, our second crowdfunding campaign. As you can tell, we are artists open to the horizon of wilderness. Therefore we have this the amazing project, where men love men, where love is equal…

Fly with us! Hey, I know that maybe, just maybe, already the campaign seems more like a WizzAir campaign. But that’s what happens when your dreams fly higher then airplanes.  In order to get start focusing on this project, we need to hire people full time and work hard until we get it. (and we never get enough) We need illustrators, writers, editors, techs… A big team. If we reach or exceed our base goals then it will be guaranteed that our focus is going to ”Men Harem”. As a beginning we are going to create the first world, and who knows, it’s even possible that we develop more exciting features and add them to the adventurous character of the game, like hidden quests and more interaction to maximise your gaming experience. We are going to take care of the content to be sexy and crazy, and satisfying to the level that you will only want more, and more, and more…

The first step.. Our initial goal is $1,500. This amount will cover the first world in terms of art and stories.

Stretch Goals:

- $1,500 – Base goal – Complete World 1 of Men Harem: Scenario, art and demo

- $2,500 – Create scenario for World 2 

- $5,000 – Create scenario for World 3 and 4

- $10,000 – Finish art for first 4 Worlds

- $15,000 – Publish Men Harem

- $20,000 – Update with more additional scenes

About the artist working on it currently. We have one guy, pretty enthusiastic, that is working on the project currently. He is brilliant writer, and yes, he is gay. He has been working on adult content professionally for a lot of years now. He is having so much work, that his head is literally on fire. We want to extend and add people so that the process finally can go smoothly.

You can check out the Kimochi campaign for Men Haremhere. Like Harem Heroes, the title will utilize the F2P game model.

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