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The Bayonetta Nude Mod is Here

After we saw a PC release for the sexy, angel killing heroine, it was only a matter of time. Today we discuss the Bayonetta nude mod.

Bayonetta was released on the PC masses a few weeks ago. A game featuring a strong and sexy female protagonist is a good thing. What better way to celebrate this powerful feminine icon than to give players the opportunity to appreciate her body to its fullest potential? It’s time to rejoice, because a glorious modder named masterofx has graced us with a Bayonetta nude mod.

Thanks to his hard work and generosity, we don’t simply have a Bayonetta nude mod, but also a nice range of various revealing outfits to go along with it.

Now, this mod isn’t quite as simple as some of the plug-and-play types, but fortunately, masterofx has created a guide with detailed instructions. You can check out his thread on Undertow Club. There you will find a tutorial, as well as links to the patches and all necessary tools. Below is an overview of what you can expect to be getting into with this mod. Again, refer to his full post for links and full instructions.

How to Mod: It seems that it’s still a mystery for most how to actually mod this game. This is the method i use: Tools needed

1. A hex editor

2. Dragon Unpacker (optional but helpful)

3. DDS editing software

That’s basically it. After extracting the cpk file of your choice (data12.cpk for example) you will get some .dat files in most cases. Most of them contain game textures, model textures, model info…etc. The .dat files that contain DDS images can be either searched for with a hex editor, just simply search for the text DDS, it’s the only header in the .dat file that is an actual DDS (from what i found). The way i did it before, was just copy the entire contents from the DDS header till the end and saved it as a dds, that way you can see the image and if it’s not the one you want to edit, search again for the next header and delete everything backwards… this method is more time consuming though. I found that with dragon unpacker’s hyper ripper you can simply preview the images in DU and also easily extract them with drag and drop. As an added bonus it shows the offset of the dds file which is very important, to put the dds file back.

Now the tricky part. After editing your file, you need to have a copy of the original image or have a copy of the original .dat file as the header of the dds needs to be the exact same one as before, otherwise the game crashes… took me a long time to figure out that that’s the reason for my crashes. The header is 1D in length in hex code, so after you pasted the hex code of the edited dds on top of the old one, paste also the header of the original on top of that and you’re good to go. When i say header, i’m referring to the starting bytes of the dds file, not the image contents themselves. That’s about it in a nutshell, if you guys make some cool mods, i can post them here if you want

Have fun and enjoy!

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