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Con-Quest! Poké-con Version 0.06 Blasts Off Again with Jessie and James

Developer Cuddle Pit released Con-Quest! Poké-con Version 0.06, adding cosplayers of Team Rocket’s Jessie and James, plus a new weakness system.

The development team behind Con-Quest! Poké-con have released the sixth playable public build of their game. The game, as mentioned in prior coverage, is an RPG where players take the role of alchemists fighting their way through a haunted Pokémon convention and the hoards of cursed cosplay babes blowwho lay within. Gameplay involves pointing and clicking through environments, as well as turn-based strategy battles with clear inspiration from the franchise the game is a parody of.

Notable new additions to this build of the game include the addition of three new cosplay girls to capture. One based on “Hex Maniac,” an enemy trainer that is often found in the main Pokémon franchise, and two cosplayers based on Jessie and James, the frequently incompetent and highly aerodynamic members of Team Rocket from the Pokémon anime. The other notable new feature for this edition is the addition of a system of weaknesses, where specific enemies take more damage from specific types of attacks that are different for each enemy provided the player has not been debuffed.

The full change log for Con-Quest! Poké-con Version 0.06, can be found below:

Hotfix 4/30/17 + Fixed the book in the shipwreck area the increased shiny chance will now apply to the correct room. + Tweaked the Lighting spell summon damage. + Fixed a bug that caused the Shiny Jessie cosplayer to trigger the zoom effect even if the option was disabled. ———-Patch Notes———- ———-New enemy weakness system———- + Most Cosplayers now have a weakness to a certain spell or attack. + Hitting an opponents weakness while you have no debuffs on you will now deal massive damage. + If you hit an opponent’s weakness while you have a debuff on you it will not count. ———-Game Changes———– + Changed the way attacks and spells are drawn to the screen which should now help players that have been experiencing lag. + Added a new room with 3 new girls (2 of which have reward images both static and animated) 1 common, 1 uncommon and 1 ultra rare (not yet saveable). + Added quests for both of the new savable girls. + The (ultra rare) Umbreon cosplayer can now be saved and has a reward image. + Added a Player Status button and Player status Menu. + Fixed a bug that caused the Squirtle cosplayer to vanish from the shop room. + Changed up the intro dialogue. ———-Player changes———- + Moth Swarm spell has a new animation. + Ignite Scissors spell has a new animation. + Basic attack has a new animation. ———-Enemy Changes———- + Petal Dance spell has a new animation. + Ignite Spell has a new animation. + Added a new animation when a cosplayer gets hit with an attack they are weak to.

———-Options menu———– + Added an option to turn off the zoom effect when a girls costume gets torn. Disabling this will help players that are experiencing lag. ———-$10 Patreon Tier———- + Added 3 new topless character portraits.

Con-Quest! Poké-con Version 0.06, the newest version of the game, can be played online over at Newgrounds . For those of you interested in supporting the developers of the game, or who want to get access to patron-only bonuses can find the developers on Patreon.

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