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Pillow Talk Episode 1: Of Lolis and Men + Mailbag #2

The first episode of Pillow Talk, LewdGamer’s very own podcast, is now available online for easy listening.

After technical difficulties, an adventure at Target, and a few beers, the first episode of our podcast is finally ready for the public ear! Episode 1 of Pillow Talk can be viewed on YouTube or listened to through our brand-new SoundCloud page. In this completely impromptu episode, Blue, Rillania, 44KPanda, ZenithTheOne, and ThePatient ramble on about Starburst flavors for 30 minutes, followed by riveting discussions of bad animations, traps, and lolis.

Episode 2 of Pillow Talk will be recorded soon, and just as with the first, we’ll be answering any questions that you’re just begging for an answer to. All you need to do is slide your question into the comments section below and we’ll take care of the rest for you. If you have any quality concerns or insightful feedback regarding the podcast, please leave a comment all the same.

See you next time, and stay gold.

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  • Testy

    Can you put a transcript? I’m not sure how many people like the format as is, but I don’t have 2 plus hours to listen to the whole sound track. If that is unreasonable, it is possible to list some kind of section headers so people can jump to the relevant discussion points? Thanks.

    • FlamingoJet

      +1 for time codes, seriously.

    • 44KPanda

      That’s an excellent idea. I’ll help get that implemented. Also, we’re going to structure the show a bit better in the future, this one was more or less a trial run.

  • C R

    Dat computer fan aesthetic. Love it.

  • strikezero01 .

    I’ve seen the anime before, its sure pretty awkward for those voice actresses from Hentai industry

  • MmmmMaltodextrin

    Could you enable an RSS feed, please? It looked like SoundCloud gives creators the option when I briefly skimmed their podcasting guide.
    Thanks guys!
    (I did try using on your SoundCloud URL, which _seemed_ to work – correct image and description show up – but the feed is empty with 0 tracks.)

    • The Patient

      It is done, it should have one track in there now. We will put them in in the future as well.

  • artnouveau

    1. Any opinions one the different purchase models of Fakku and One offers a subscription and from the other you can buy individual stuff to download as many times you want.
    2. Does Aries Buonarroti write for you at all anymore?

    Good first podcast, looking forward to the next. I think you guys will loosen up more as you go along which will improve the flow of things.

  • Is Logic the first ever homeless game developer?

    • Shelly the kid


  • Can you solve for x?

    log(2x + 9) = 1 + log(x – 9)

  • Rin Chal