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Mr. Dots is making Dating My Daughter, an incest story of a divorced father trying to date his way into the forbidden panties of his estranged daughter.

Perhaps the concept of a 3D-based incest game isn’t the newest idea in the sun, but games with a certain style and visual flair can find ways of making it interesting. Dating my Daughter, the latest project of a developer named MrDots, is immediately notable due to the directness of its title. It’s hardly surprising to find incest content in a game entitled Dating My Daughter.

The story of Dating My Daughter concerns a father who lost custody during his divorce, and, as a result, hasn’t seen his daughter in many years. Now, she’s returning to his life, fully grown and cock-achingly beautiful. Furthermore, she’s asking to go on a “father-daughter date” with him. One can assume the player’s objective is to turn this date into many dates and to make said dates a little less innocent.

According to the Patreon, some of the fetishes said to be included are incest, anal, groping, lesbian, corruption, mini games, voyeurism, group sex, and bestiality. It is unclear the extent of what other kinks will be introduced into the game in the future, but one can only presume that more ways to fuck your offspring will be built into the game as development continues apace.

Gameplay is of a normal visual novel style, with player input being decided by a series of choices made throughout the game. Make the right choices and players will be rewarded with friendship points or love points. The former helps to develop your relation with your daughter, while the latter help you get inside your daughter. the current build of the game is version 0.07, which according to the walkthrough, runs all the way through day 7 of the story.

As mentioned above, all of the animation in the game is made using 3D image programs; however, the game has above average image quality for said 3D images, which it uses as the main draw. A few sample images have been included below.

If you want to check out the latest build of Dating My Daughter or perhaps donate directly to the developer, you can find the link to Mr. Dots’ Patreon here.

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