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Developer Rufflenecks is creating a 3D third-person furry game, titled Hunt and Snare.

The amount of 3D erotic games has been steadily increasing as time goes by, with many covering various themes and fetishes; however, 3D titles revolving around the furry genre are still scant. While monster girls have been a popular incorporation, titles featuring fully anthropomorphic animals getting it on is still somewhat hard to come by when it comes to games. Thankfully, Rufflenecks is attempting to give the furry genre a little love with its upcoming title Hunt and Snare. 

The title is billed as a third-person adventure-like game where you play a furry hunter on a quest to explore various islands in search of exotic species to join your crew, have sex with or even sell to potential buyers for some cash. Hunt and Snare features full 3D animation and even the ability to customize characters with different unlockable skins and colors to add your own flair to your prizes. Hunt and Snare is still in its early alpha stages with a recently released public and Patreon-only alpha build.

For your reading pleasure, below you will find a sample sex animation video, synopsis, and screenshots from the game.

“You never thought you’d stand in front of the Magnificent Emissaries of Brimstone and walk away with a title of a noble and a deed to your own sky ship, especially not after you touched Cohort IV, fairly harshly, and pulled a pineapple out of its dragony throat. But here you are, in front of the Ship CXXVIII… an innovative name given to it by The Cohort, the bureaucratic arm of the Illustrious King, the dragon, that controls all the Sky Realm.

You lost your duties as a butler due to the incident at The Dragon’s Castle, but now that you own a ship and can explore the Sky Realm unhinged, you have decided to become a hunter. You’ve heard that various islands of the Sky Realm have mysterious species that are highly priced as companions, professionals, and show pieces.”

####Planned features

- Hunting – Use stealth, lures, and your trusty tranquilizer rifle to capture exotic species.

- Exploration – Traverse the Sky Realm in a flying ship, explore and discover species with rare patterns and locations to relax with your crew.

- Upgrading – Upgrade your ship’s rooms to unlock more crew space and unique locations to enjoy your crew’s warm and soft bodies in.

- Crew – Any species you come across can be recruited to your crew and you can bring a crew member along to islands or the ship for an enjoyable moment of sex.

- Shopping – You can sell your captures to the Market for coins that you can then use on ship upgrades, more potent lures, or clothes for your crew. You don’t want them to be naked always, do you? Well… why not!

- Showroom – A separate “game mode” where you can customize characters with skins and colors you’ve unlocked before by capturing and setting them in sex positions you’ve discovered on your travel, for a quick moment of fun.


- Current - Furry (core)

- F/M

- Classic

- Anal

- Blowjob

- Upcoming - M/M and Futa F/M and F/F

- Submissive player or other

- Toys and solo

- Monster girl/boy

- ? - Milking

- Sex machines

- Tentacles (as hazard)

You can download the public build of Hunt and Snare from Rufflenecks’ Patreon page, which is currently on build 26.4.2017. Patreon supporters will be able to grab the more robust R2 V4 alpha build, which features a demo of the Island Sexploration gameplay, as well as extra skins and animations. The game is compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux systems.

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