...the fuck?

The recent issue of Weekly Famitsu has revealed yet another lewd game to add to the roster titled DriveGirls.

DriveGirls is currently being developed by Bergsala Lightweight. For those of you unfamiliar with Bergsala, they are best known for the Bushido Blade series from the era of the original PlayStation. The action title centers around five female protagonists with the ability to turn into cars. Gameplay will involve battle sequences where you can fight battles in either their girl or car form, and the game will also feature what appears to be story sequences that look much like a visual novel.

While not much else has been revealed about the gameplay mechanics or storyline, Famitsu did mention that the game will feature a clothes-breaking aspect, where the girls clothes will rip and tear as they take damage. However, no further information was given, so it is unknown if this will have any effect on gameplay or your car’s paint job. Based on some of the screenshots, it appears you will also be able to somewhat customize your girls vehicular look with stickers, making her look gorgeous in any form she’s in. Transformers meets moe girls, anyone?

DriveGirls will be a PS Vita exclusive and is currently planned for a January 2017 release in Japan, with no current statement as to whether or not the game will eventually receive an English release. We here at LewdGamer will keep an eye out for any more information that comes out about the game, and keep you up to date on any interesting bits.

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