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Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Nude Mod Removes Flashes, Adds Nipples

The Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus nude mods for the PC are finally upon us with, censor texture removals and additional nipples on the cute ninja girls.

Gamers have been waiting long for the busty shinobi girls of Senran Kagura to come to their beloved PCs. On June 1st, the wishes of life and hometown fans were finally fulfilled with Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus finally being brought over to personal computers by publisher XSEED. Of course, being on PC has opened up Shinovi Versus to the modding community, and we have already see the first results of modders hard texture-replacing work in the form of two interesting nude mods.

Senran Kagura is not a series that strays from showing some mild nudity and is chock-full of fanservice from people that enjoy busty and curvy women. Even the game mechanics add to the fanservice, as the girls’ clothes rip and tear when they take damage to be finally left in a nude and humorous state. In the original game, the girls’ naughty bits were covered up by small, super deformed representations of the girls, convenient light flashes and steamy fog.

The first mod, created by Undertow Club’s user Cerophono has created a mod that removes all the above instance of lewd censorship, leaving the girls completely uncovered during transformation and other event scenes. As Tamsoft didn’t intend for the girls to have nipples or other indications of detailed genitalia in the first place, all of the characters are now left in a barbie doll-like state.

This mod is now available for download in this Undertow Club thread with installation instructions. If you’re having any issues getting the mod to work, you can also ask questions in the same thread.

The second mod partially removes the downsides introduced by Cerophono’s mod by doing the absolute unthinkable, introducing nipple textures to the models of the girls. Here are some of the features you can find in the mod, as explained by the creator Battlejesus.

This mod adds nipples to the game, nothing more, nothing less. No modified outfits, no unnecessary nudity. Just nipples. They will show from behind clothes, from under pasties. When you break clothes (will need to grab the uncensor mod however!) I added nipple bumps to Ayame’s portrait and areola to Murakumo’s portrait (because they’d be showing if she had nipples)

As far as I know this should effect every girl in the game, there’s 10 different textures for 5 different skin tones, although I have only gone through Gessen academy, they’ve shown up on the girls from other academies I’ve seen as well (Homura’s textures almost slipped past my radar somehow, but I got them as well hopefully!

If you’re interested in seeing what in-game Senrans with nipples look like (and really, who wouldn’t?), brace yourself for the reveal of a century:

The mod can be acquired in this thread along with the installation options. It will also require for you to use uMod to apply the texture mod found here. As with the first mod, you can seek all kinds of technical help in the very same forum thread.

We’ll be following the Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus modding scene carefully and will let you know as soon as other high-quality mods are released by fellow enthusiasts of life and hometown. Until then, stay soft but firm!

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