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[UPDATE] Love Sweets Official Localization Announced

Developer Moonstone has announced plans for the English localization of their title Love Sweets.



We are still working with Moonstone on the localization of Princess Evangile W Happiness and Imopara 2, but we haven’t made any announcements concerning Love Sweets or any of their other titles at the moment. For localizations we work on directly, you can find announcements and news first on our staff blog and social media accounts.

For now, it indeed appears that Moonstone is testing the waters towards a possible move of operating independently in the English market, as there has been no announcement of the title from another publisher. For now, only time will tell the whole picture as we wait for more news to come out. For your reading pleasure, you will find sample CGs, a synopsis, and trailer for Love Sweets below.

After Itsuki’s first year at Hayagase Gakuen passed uneventfully, he thought that if things continued as is, then he would graduate without having done anything. His friends all got girlfriends after the spring break. He didn’t think that they were seeing anyone during school, and it seemed that they had met while working part-time. Itsuki wanted a girlfriend too, so he decided to find a part-time at a place where there were lots of girls. That’s how he started working at Cafe Hot Chocolat with his osananajimi, energetic kouhai, kind senpai and a girl who he thought was out of his league.

We will be sure to keep you up to date on any breaking developments we come across in regards to this announcement.

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