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XSEED Announces Release Date for Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson

XSEED, best known as the localization team that brought the West titles like Way of the Samurai 4, Killer is Dead and most famously the Senran Kagura series, has announced their latest release for the group of female ninja.

Senran Kagura has gained much popularity across the world, with titles for the PlayStation family, the Nintendo 3DS, mobile games and even its own manga and television adaptations. One of the reason’s the game soared to the top of people’s favourites list was also one of the main criticisms of the title – the eroticism. Senran Kagura makes no secret of the fact that it’s all about the fan service, and with a variety of sexy girls to choose from and multiple outfits for each, the game really hits its market. If you enjoy panty shots, compromisingly nude cutscenes, and ninja with huge boobs, then you’ll be pleased to hear XSEED has an announcement to make.

XSEED revealed that the latest game in the series, Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson, will be released on the 15th of September, 2015. The title is going to be on the Nintendo 3DS, and will come in both a standard and special edition. The standard edition, as the name suggests, is simply a copy of the game priced at a reasonable $39.99. The special edition version, priced at the slightly higher $49.99, will come with the game as well as a two CDs containing the OST. For our readers in the UK, you haven’t been forgotten either, XSEED has also announced that the PAL region will receive the game on the 27th of August. No spoilers OK?

In a bid to drum up talk about the series, XSEED has also announced that their predecessor Senran Kagura Burst is now on sale. The game can now be purchased on the Nintendo eShop for the cool price of $19.99 (original $29.99). This only looks to be on the North American version of the eShop, so unfortunately other regions will have to miss out for now. At least the game is coming first to the PAL region! Also, players who have Senran Kagura Burst save data on their SD card will get some extra goodies in Deep Crimson. By having the save data on your SD card, you will gain access to an additional character in the new title. This new character is called Murasame, and is the older brother of Ikaruga. Because Murasame was incompetent in the art of the ninja, Ikaruga was adopted in to the family to fill the role. This obviously led to some resentment between the adopted siblings, so Murasame could certainly have some impact on the game.


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