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Furyu’s To Love Ru -Trouble- Darkness True Princess visual novel and dating sim’s huge cast of romanceable heroines have just been introduced in the Japanese publication 4Gamer.

Furyu has revealed the nine heroines you can romance in To Love Ru -Trouble- Darkness True Princess. The nine characters below will be featured in addition to two more characters, for a total of eleven. As this game’s setting is not about building a harem like in the original manga or anime story, it would probably be a good idea to figure out which girl’s heart you would like to conquer most. To help you make a more informed choice, we have translated the brief character introductions below, courtesy of 4Gamer.

Lala Satalin Deviluke

CV: Tomatsu Haruka

The first princess of the planet Deviluke. Lala is quite naive, to the point that her first response to Rito’s memory loss was “I’ll do my best to fix it!”, followed by an attempt to create a tool that would accomplish this. It was a puzzling sight to the amnesiac Rito to see her so full of love and trying so hard for him.

Sairenji Haruna

CV: Yahagi Sayuri

Rito’s exceptionally academic classmate. She asks if she can help try to get his memory back for the sake of helping him out. Secretly, she’s actually happy this incident may increase the time they spend together.

Momo Belia Deviluke

CV: Toyosaki Aki

Deviluke’s third princess and the cause of Rito’s amnesia. She’s trying to help him out since she feels responsible for the incident. Regardless, she finds this event a good opportunity to move along with her harem plan. She’s quite underhanded, as usual.

Nana Astar Deviluke

CV: Itou Kanae

Deviluke’s second princess and Momo’s older sister. She realizes that the other girls don’t have the purest motives. She helps Rito in the hope that they can return to their daily lives as quickly as possible.

Konjiki no Yami

CV: Fukuen Misato

An alien assassin capable of shape-shifting parts of her body. She uses Mikan’s worry over Rito as a pretense to help him out. As she’s removing dangerous things from Rito’s life, she’s always worrying about her own existence…

Kurosaki Mea

CV: Iguchi Yuka

Yami’s little sister. Much like her sister, she also possesses  a similar shape-shifting ability. The amnesia situation personally excites her and leads her to think something interesting may happen. When she sees Rito being the nice guy he is around her, she starts feeling a little perplexed…

Kotegawa Yui

CV: Nazuka Kaori

Another of Rito’s classmates and a discipline committee member. She detests anything sexual. She offers her help to Rito, feeling the other girls are too indecent to help Rito regain his memories. Deep within her burns the desire to help Rito change his naughty behavior.

Run Elsie Jewelria

CV: Ooura Fuyuka

Lala’s childhood friend and a current idol on Earth. Upon hearing he lost his memory, she rushed to Rito’s side. Unfortunately, she’s very busy with work and is seldom available, meaning the other girls have an advantage over her. All that’s going through her head is figuring out how to tip the scales in her favor.

Kujou Rin

CV: Hashimoto Mai

A senior at Sainin High School. She serves the Tenjouin household and is Saki’s bodyguard. She’s very gentle to Saki and tries to help Rito with his memory loss. Even though she finds it hard to approach Rito, she tries regardless because Mikan is her friend.

Fans of the original series should be more than satisfied with this huge selection of cute girls straight from the To Love Ru franchise. If you wish to find out more about the game itself and how you can get your paws on it, be sure to take a look at our previous coverage.

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