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Sexy Bunny Girl Platformer Rabi-Ribi Hops onto Greenlight And Indiegogo

Kano-Bi’s dynamic action platformer Rabi-Ribi featuring a skimpily dressed bunny girl and fairy has found its way onto Steam Greenlight and Indiegogo.

The Hong Kong and Taiwan-based independent developer Kano-Bi has just announced an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for their cute and sexy platforming game Rabi-Ribi. Simultaneously, their title has also arrived on Steam Greenlight and is currently going through the voting motions.

Both the Steam Greenlight and the Indiegogo page for the game describe Rabi-Ribi as a 2D exploration platformer with non-linear gameplay combining both retro pixel graphics with a modern and cute anime aesthetic.

In Rabi-Ribi, the player gets to control the bunny girl Erina, whose gameplay and combat style focuses on getting close and personal with enemies. Erina is also accompanied by a small and scantily clad companion fairy named Ribbon, who helps the bunny girl dispatch monsters from a distance. As you progress through the game, both Erina and Ribbon will gain new abilities (and upgrade older ones) from items hidden throughout the world.

To tie the cutesy platforming action together into a cohesive whole is a simple backstory about a real rabbit awakening one day in an unknown place and finding herself turned into a human with rabbit ears and a puffy tail. As she wanders the world aimlessly, she encounters a small fairy that ultimately joins her on her adventure to find a way home and discover the source behind a recent menace plaguing the game’s world.

Kano-Bi also promises a lot of other game features besides the ones mentioned above. These include three difficulty settings, eight main areas and twenty sub-areas to explore, over sixty different items and upgrades to collect, over twenty fully illustrated characters with lots of cutscene illustrations mixed in between gameplay segments, and more than forty varied boss battles with a whopping amount of 1000+ attack patterns that can also be beaten one after the other in a special “boss rush mode”. The devs also talk about a post-game story mode and additional content, such as a speedrun mode, and more playable characters to be added later.

To get a better grasp of how Rabi-Ribi looks and plays be sure to check out the game’s official trailer. It’s quite firmly on the adorable side.

Kano-Bi is currently seeking 20,000 USD as flexible crowdfunding goal. To find out more what perks they offer to their perks or just to learn more about the developers themselves, be sure to visit the project’s Indiegogo pageRabi-Ribi also has its own official game page, so be sure to check that out too.

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