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Eroge maker TinkleBell’s last animated work, Rondo Duo -Yoake no Fortissimo- Punyu Puri ff, has just received a full fan translation patch.

TinkleBell is an eroge company known for their amazing animated eroge, usually featuring cute characters with even cuter foreheads. Most of their games — at least the ones that put more emphasis on the story, such as Rondo Punyu Puri Joshikou-hen (first game in the Rondo series) or Tsundere! 〜 Punyu puri EX 〜 — are themed around sexual futanari encounters and strange school mysteries. As with most nukige, the stories in all of TinkleBell’s games are just lead-ins to plenty of dynamic and plentiful sex.

The game boasts animation playtime of about 2 hours, with the gameplay time totaling at 6. Rondo Duo features over 500 different smoothly animated poses, using what the developers call the Super 2.5 EXD (super extra dimension) movie system to make the 13 voiced female cast feel all the more alive, whether it be during sex or otherwise. For those that don’t want to bother with the story and get straight to the sex, there is also a gallery system that allows the player to freely view all of the game’s normal events and sex scenes. For a game with such a short length, it also includes 33 original song compositions, setting the atmosphere for a wild futanari sex romp.

To find out what dick mysteries are there to be discovered, be sure to read the edited story synopsis for Rondo Duo -Yoake no Fortissimo- Punyu Puri ff, as seen on the English DLsite page of the game.

A rumor was circulating about an after-school devil.

Its true identity lay in the hearts of students whose forbidden impulse was awoken. This lustful desire is infectious, spreading “From a best friend to a best friend”.

Only by engaging in sexual intercourse and injecting the seed of desire into the vagina, Can one be freed of the curse.

The yearning heat that comes from deep in the body, An erect monolith beneath the skirt, Its ravenous hunger targets even those close to the cursed.

Senior students, junior students and best friends; all of the girls are captured and penetrated. They each wandered the school as the next “after-school devil.” The curse spread all throughout the school. Most of the students had experienced it by then.

The order of the school was maintained only by the weight of their shame. Their sin was regarded as a rumor, and their daily life continued as if nothing transpired…

The 2014 Rondo Duo -Yoake no Fortissimo- Punyu Puri ff has been translated, edited and subtitled solely by a HongFire forum user by the nickname of octotap, with a few anonymous people helping him with testing the patch before the final release.

For your pleasure, we have provided a few screenshots from both the translated and original Japanese version of Rondo Duo below. Forehead fornicators rejoice!

As a bonus, octotap has also created and provided an English translation patch for the first Rondo, so that everyone can enjoy the whole story instead of just the sequel. The Japanese version of the game is also available on DLsite English for $19.23.

The full Japanese version of Rondo Duo can be bought from DLsite English for $24.29, while the patch can be directly downloaded from here . For instructions on how to install the patch for both games, troubleshooting purposes, or if you simply want to share your thoughts on the fan translation, be sure to check out the game’s release thread on the HongFire forums.

We are happy to see that a high-quality production like Rondo Duo, despite how short it is, finally got the English translation treatment it so desperately needed. We wholly recommend all of TinkleBell’s library of animations and short visual novels. If you’re a fan of cute, almost SD girls, a lot of great animation and on-point, arousing voice work, you’ll feel right at home with TinkleBell.

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