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Compile Heart has just released more details for their upcoming addition to the Genkai Tokki series, Seven Pirates. This includes a new trailer, world map, and gameplay details.

Move over boob ninjas, the boob pirates are back in town. Compile Heart has just released some more details regarding their latest title, Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates. We’ve heard bits and pieces about this new game, which will reportedly feature a lot of breast-related action. We know some things about the pirate crew we’ll be meeting, though we’re still waiting on some of the bigger things to come out.

Today’s announcement brings us the latest from Parute and Co., with a bunch of new details emerging on the game’s website.

Firstly, Compile Heart has released a new trailer, which heavily features the cast of Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates. The trailer itself is very bubbly, with a focus on the girl’s chests, so it’s likely this is to set the feel for the game. Sadly, the trailer doesn’t contain any real gameplay, save a few seconds of cinematics, so we’re still going to have to wait on that. If nothing else, the close-up shots of cleavage certainly let us know Compile Heart is keeping their promise.

Secondly, Compile Heart has added a new page to the Seven Pirates website. The page, titled “system”, gives us a very quick look how the game itself will play out. The team has added both details and screenshots for two aspects of the game, namely the world map system and dungeon exploration.

The translation of this page is as follows:

World Map

Players will be able to roam the world map freely by riding on their ship. By discovering sea charts through dungeon exploration and quests, the range within which you can move is increased.

Dungeon Exploration

By exploring dungeons, you’ll find everything represented in an authentic 3D RPG. Dungeons, characters, monsters – everything! If there’s somewhere you can’t reach, you’ll be able to get there by riding your crew member, Otton (find him below!).

Additionally, the game’s website was also updated earlier this month with more listings for the characters we covered last time. They’ve also added some new ones, so buckle up and take another look:


A monster kid who wears a bra on his head. A veteran of the high seas, he knows information about hidden treasures. He serves as a guide when it comes to the game’s chest growth mechanic. What a pervert.


A monster girl that’s hiding treasure. Even though she is childish, she still takes great care of her loot.


A monster girl that protects the ruins. She is very serious, and doesn’t allow anyone to intrude in the ruins who might damage them.


A monster girl who’s a total daredevil. She appears whenever our protagonist Parute tries to start a fight.


A monster girl who attacks any that enter the unexplored territories. While she might seem graceful, her personality stinks.


A monster girl who seeks out Parute and her crew. She doesn’t listen to what anyone has to say, and will always attack without a word.

That’s all for now, but keep an eye out on the Seven Pirates website for more. The game is now listed on Amazon Japan and is currently available for pre-order for the asking price of ¥5,998. Play-Asia also carries the game and has both the  standard ($59.99) and special editions ($99.99-$184.99) available for purchase. Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates comes out on August 4th for the PS Vita.

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