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The latest Criminal Girls 2 trailer shows even more punishment gameplay and embarrassed sinner girls.

The PlayStation Vita exclusive crime and punishment RPG Criminal Girls 2 has received a new trailer posted on Nippon Ichi Software’s official YouTube channel. This latest featured video focuses on showcasing all the different types of punishment the player will be able to inflict on the cast of female prisoners. To wash away the sins of the titular criminal girls the player can employ spanking, brushing, shocking, intense scrubbing and even slime treatment. Each of these methods, as shown in the video below, employ a different use of the Vita’s touch screen capabilities, making sure that the player is never disconnected from all the perverse action going on right before their eyes.

Criminal Girls 2 is set for a Japanese premiere on the 26th of November only on the PlayStation Vita. So far there have been no talks about bringing the title over to Western audiences.

If you would like to learn more about Criminal Girls 2 and how to pre-order it, be sure to read all of our past articles on the game. There a lot of unique gameplay elements to it, and we are certain they will satisfy anyone that even thought of teasing a bunch of cute and defenseless maidens.

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