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New Breeding Simulator The Tamer Being Developed By LustOverReality

Breed your perfect monster girl

The Tamer is a new interactive breeding simulator game being developed by LustOverReality, promising an optimized experience with furries in mind.

The Tamer, courtesy of LustOverReality  is still in fairly early stages of development, but is shaping up to be a project that could be quite a hit with the furry crowd. It should also appeal to those who would simply be into anthropomorphized animals and not just those in the furry community. The plan so far seems to be an open world breeding simulator where you tame various types of monster/animal girls to be your private breeding stock. The full extent and scope of the game at this time remains a bit unclear. Here is what we know at the moment, courtesy of the store page on the Kimochi marketplace.

-Planned Features- Different Monsters types Ex: CatGirls, Harpies, Anthro Cow, Lamias, Elves, Reptilian Girls, Bunny girls, Fairies, Dog Girls and more Breeder sistem Ex:different offspring depending on parental characteristics Pregnancy system, and an ageing system Currency system Ex: buy and sell monsters Npc customizer Open World

-Technical Aspects-

Built in Unreal Engine 4 in a full 3D environment Both DirectX11-12 and OpenGL version (Will run on Windows, Linux, and Mac) Scaling UI options for different size screens Physics! Cloth and body physics will be included (bouncing melons… and boobs.)

While still a work in progress, The Tamer shows a lot of potential. Once development is complete, it will be interesting to see how it stacks up against other games of this type that we have previously covered here at LewdGamer, such as Breeding Season , and Tobihime: Interbreed. You can check out the current demo build of The Tamer as a demo on the Kimochi adult games marketplace. We will keep you up to date as development on this title progresses.

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