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My Very Own Lith Releases New Update

The furry text-based adventure game My Very Own Lith, in which you take care of a small anthropomorphic cat, has just received a new update.

My Very Own Lith is a text-based Flash game focused on taking care of a cat boy or girl named Lith. The player can befriend, seduce, dominate or even be dominated by them as they see fit. It is also possible to take more than one approach in how you play the game in order to reach a different narrative route.

The developer, known as Lithier, has just updated his cat furry care simulator with a bunch of new content. The version of My Very Own Lith marked with 0.19 adds more Stone Door and Wooden Door content, along with new achievements for several new game endings. New pieces of art have also been included in the new public version, which are easy to find if the player decides to go down the black collar path of the game. A couple of scenes have also received variants, in order  to make the game’s writing a richer reading experience.

Lithier’s Patreon supporters also get to experience multiple technical improvements, exclusive content and features, which you can read by following this link. The current public version of My Very Own Lith can be played here for free in your Internet browser.

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