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Nippon Ichi Software has revealed a huge amount of information about their upcoming RPG Criminal Girls 2; a sexy adventure all about making a group of girls repent their sins through kinky punishment.

Nippon Ichi Software has released a slew of new information about Criminal Girls 2. LewdGamer went ahead and translated some of the finer and juicier facts from a newly released article on 4gamer.com:

“Punishment” and a massively powered up Criminal Girls 2 is coming to the PS Vita on November 26th. The first edition version has scented additions!

Nippon Ichi Software will be releasing their new addition to the “Girl Punishing RPG” series, Criminal Girls 2, on November 26th. It will be 5980 yen for the physical edition, while the downloadable edition will be 4762 yen (tax excluded). In addition to those is the limited edition, which comes with a conceptual art book, the OST, and a double-sided eye mask laced with the smell of Shinoa’s butt. This limited edition of the game is priced at 7980 yen (tax excluded). The preorder bonus is a special product code that allows you to hear a “special, exciting little sister voice” during punishment. You can use it to make any girl you like sound like a little sister.

Finally, Nippon Ichi Software has begun taking preorders for the game here. If you order from there, you will get a special illustrated clear file/folder. There’s also a “Nippon1.jp shop limited edition” with an item that allows you to give spankings in real life, too! (9980 yen, tax excluded)

The physical edition’s box art pictured above. The character designs are done by Hori Airi, who has worked with Nippon Ichi Software several times before.

Criminal Girls 2 is a sequel to the 2010 PSP game Criminal Girls. In this game, the player becomes an adviser for seven “half-sinner” girls that will supposedly commit sins in the future (though it seems one of them is already a true criminal…). You will perform lewd punishment on these girls while overcoming trials and aiming for the top of the “tower of hell.”

The November 2013 PS Vita release “Criminal Girls INVITATION” used the original Criminal Girls as a base, while adding in a new scenario and characters. They also had a “punishment system” in place that really evolved the game.

Criminal Girls 2 also features a much more intense punishment system. Battles have also gotten much more strategic, so anyone looking for a difficult experience should enjoy it. This time around we’ve got info on the story, setting, main characters, and theme song, so check it out down below.


Right now, they’re not exactly criminals, but rather “half-sinners”: young people that have lost their lives at a young age because of crimes they will commit in the future. There is a program created to give these half-sinners a chance at rebirth, simply named “Rebirth.” It consists of an adviser taking these half-sinners and climbing a tower filled with trials. The protagonist is the adviser assigned to seven young female half-sinners. However, all those girls turn out to have extremely unique personalities! In addition to this, the overseer of the tower appears in front of the girls and says this:

“There are only 6 girls registered for the rebirth program… why are there 7 people here?”

There is a real sinner among the seven. What will the future; the rebirth, of these girls hold…?


Tower of Hell:

A hellish tower that spans such a height that it almost touches the heavens. This is where the “Rebirth” program occurs.


People destined to commit crimes in the future who lose their lives and fall to ell, trying to determine what will condemn them.

The revival program, “Rebirth”:

A program that requires climbing the tower of hell in order to revive the half-sinners. After overcoming various trials, the sin is considered atoned for, whereupon the subject can be reborn into the world.


Here are the seven unique girls you’ll be taking care of as the protagonist:

Shinoa (CV: Akutsu Kana)

“I’m not sure how much I can really do, but I’ll believe in Sensei and fight.”

A model student that’s always smiling and aware of her surroundings. She’s a very reliable girl that always follows the protagonist.

Lili (Riri) (CV: Kanae Mitsuki)

“You know what? I hate teachers. Just being around them makes me want to puke.”

A strong-willed, prideful rich girl. She won’t beat around the bush: if there’s something she doesn’t like, she’ll say it immediately.

Chloe (Kuroe) (CV: Kakuma Ai)

“Being alone is best…I don’t like talking, or doing this rebirth…”

A shy girl that isn’t great at talking to others. She talks via ventriloquism with her doll.

Mizuki (CV: Tsuji Ayumi)

“Mizuki is actually really good at tapping shoulders. Here, I’ll do it to you, Sensei.”

A highly energetic young girl. She’s a mood maker for the party, but sometimes has her clumsy moments.

Sui (CV: Igarashi Hiromi)

“This isn’t heaven. Perhaps we should consider this part of our punishment?”

An objective-focused, sharp-tongued girl. She stays calm and analyzes the situation, but because of her frankness, she easily gets into arguments as well.

Yurine (CV: Nakamura Sakura)

“This really is like THE trial, huh. I’m so excited.”

A gentle, healing-type girl. She always has a smile, with a feeling of tranquility that follows her wherever she goes. She goes at her own pace and takes things easy.

Tsukasa (CV: Yoshida Seiko)

“Ya don’t hafta be a prude about it. Check it out; ya can get as good of a look as ya want.”

A free-willed and uncontrolled girl. She likes sexually harassing people, and often troubles the protagonist with her antics.


“Are you misunderstanding me? I just want to find out who the real sinner is, that’s all.”


“It’s a problem of determination. We’re all here fighting to be revived.”


“There’s a real criminal among us! She’s trying to complete the trial and revive with us!”


“Just get ready! At this point, there’s no runnin’ away!”


The main objective in the game is to revive all the half-sinners back to the real world. To do so, you must climb the tower of hell and overcome the trials within!

“As you proceed, trials will await you.”

“Sometimes, you’ll have to pass through dangerous environments.”

“We can see “S” and “M” written here, but their bodies seem to suggest something else…? Look forward to more info on this!”

“Tell the girls how to fight.”

“Have the girls cooperate and take down the “criminals” that hunt in hell!”

“Use the various skills the girls have to make battles progress in your favor!”


The girls the player is guiding are “half-sinners” that will supposedly commit crimes in the future.

Punishing them very important task in guiding them before they can be revived!

“Tie up her hands and start punishing! Wet them all over with Live 2D.”

“Covered in slime from head to toe! Your dream double punishment!”


“If you enjoy slapping, you’ll be excited with what’s ‘up’ with the new Criminal Girls!”


Criminal Girls 2 will have a first edition (physical only) that will include special features!


The first edition will feature special box art drawn by character designer Hori Airi. Secondly, it will also contain a visual artbook with special secret settings and special illustrations for some harsh punishment scenes, along with director commentary and a 40 page artbook. Thirdly, it will contain the Original Soundtrack, featuring all the game’s music, in addition to the main theme “Tsumibukaki Shoujotachi no Sept Luminarie.” Finally, it will have an illustrated reversible eye mask, with the smell of Shinoa! The outside may look like a normal eye mask, but the other side is Shinoa’s rear! Soon, you will be able to enjoy her butt, along with the sweet scent of Shinoa!

*The First Editions are limited and will begin printing in August. Those that wish to get one should preorder quickly. The information about the bonuses pertain to items that are still being made. Contents subject to change without notice.


There is a special product code with the first edition that allows for “exciting sibling play”! It’ll be a must-have for those not satisfied with normal punishment, those that like little sisters, or those that just want their favorite girls to sound like their little sister! Change the in-game punishment voice into sibling-punishment play!


Nippon Ichi Software will start taking preorders on their site “Nippon1.jp Shop” for the game on July 30th. If you preorder from there, you get a uniquely illustrated clear file/folder! In addition, there is a special Nippon1.jp Shop special edition, which, in addition to the 4 bonuses of the normal first edition, will get you a whip you can spank in real life with! Try pairing it with the eye mask and enjoy!

*The Nippon1.jp Shop first edition includes the sibling play product code.

The game’s teaser trailer can also be viewed below.

Lastly, we have some good news for Western fans of Criminal Girls that would like to preorder the game’s sequel. The online retailer AmiAmi currently has both the first-print limited version and a regular version of the title up for sale. Similar to the Japanese version, the first-print edition features a specially designed box, a book of concept art, the game’s original soundtrack and the Shinoa bottom-scented eye mask. As an added bonus, both the limited and regular versions of Criminal Girls 2 contain the “sibling punishment-play” code. The 26th of November can’t come soon enough!

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