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Monmusu Quest! Paradox RPG Zenshou Partial Translation Patch Released

The first part of Torotoro Resistance’s Monmusu Quest! Paradox RPG Zenshou has received a partial translation by Dargoth.

The infamous monster girl RPG Monmusu Quest! Paradox RPG Zenshou, which we’ve covered previouslyhas been partially translated by lone translator Dargoth , a man with a passion for lewd monster girls. He has previously translated works such as the first three installments of the Violated Heroine series.

According to the translation notes, this patch translates the game up to San Ilia and St. Amos, although there are chunks of the game that are translated, but unedited. Some other things noted about the translation is that none of the seduction dialogue is translated, monster talk dialogue during battle up to Queen Harpy is translated, and only Marie’s battlefuckers is translated. It was also noted that “gameplay elements continue to be a work in progress, but are substantially translated.” For your reading pleasure, we’ve enclosed a synopsis of the game, as well as a couple sample images.

Lose and be ravished by the vamps! Battles sexy enchantresses, where failure ends in reverse rape! Party members are also monster girls who wildly fuck the hero! There’s never a scene where the hero’s in charge…

This! Is! Monmusu Quest!

An adventuring role-playing game in a fantasy world! The protagonist is a beginner hero. Following in the footsteps of his hero father, he sets off for glory! Where will the adventure take him? When at last his journey ends, will he have achieved his dream?

Over 150 enemy monsters in Part One alone! All reverse-rape youjo (vixens)! Battle all kinds of reverse-rape youjo (vixens) and recruit them to your party! And, all it takes is a little pestering to get their libidos thrumming—

You can purchase Monmusu Quest! Paradox RPG Zenshou from DLSite for around 3,024 JPY here . The partial English patch for the game by Dargoth can be downloaded here. If you’re a fan of being raped by gorgeous monster girls, then this title is definitely one you should check out.

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