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Disclosure: The game’s review copy was kindly provided to LewdGamer by MangaGamer.

Visual novels are kind of new to me. I have not played them a lot, as I only recently started to take interest in them. Sweet Sweat in Summer was a great game for me to start with as it had all the fetishes I love: tanlines, deliciously flat chests, bondage and a whole bunch of other nice things. Sweet Sweat in Summer grasped my interest by the nuts and took me for a ride.

In the game you play as Kouhei, a 19-year-old student that lost his memory in a car accident. During a holiday you decided to go to your home town to try to get your memory back. On the way there you get lost on a mountain trail and just move forward in the hopes of finding the town before sunset. Finally you make it to the town and see it’s completely abandoned. After walking around for a bit you meet Karin Nekodou, a cute young girl with a curvy body and an upbeat character, at the school building. She immediately calls you her Sensei, as she was looking for her real Sensei who supposedly left the town. You and Karin bond really fast and have sex the first night. For the next week you spend time with Karin exploring the town and having sex in all sorts of experimental ways. As Karin is very cheeky and wants to try new things all the time, it makes for a very erotic experience. Between the sex scenes you find out more about Karin and the town. You get small hints about your memory loss, as you begin to slowly unravel the mystery surrounding the town and Karin’s identity.

Sweet Sweat in Summer has only a few moments where you can make a choice to go a different route. The first time you are presented with a choice might seem small and unimportant, but the gravity of this small decision makes itself apparent later on, so be sure to save at that point. All the choices make Karin react differently, but Kouhei always tries to make it up to her if she is let down by his decisions. Karin and Kouhei’s relationship is really caring, as Kouhei fully takes on the role as her Sensei. While the sex continues throughout the day, everyday, he never stops worrying about her. It is kind of strange how Kouhei just accepts all the strange things happening around him, such as the fully-stocked ghost town with a single lusty girl as its only resident. He quickly forgets or stops asking questions to himself whenever Karin starts to come onto him again for more sex or games. Those scenes can make it a bit annoying while playing as you try to connect the dots, but that is probably the entire point. It can make for some funny or very sweet scenes.

The background art in the game is very well done, and changes for depending on the location, time of day, and weather. It is all done in very high detail, and the graphical quality also carries over to the sprites. Karin is very sexy in her design, and she comes with a few different outfits and emotive expressions. The sex scenes are very diverse and erotic, even though the genitals are censored with mosaics. The angles show just enough to keep your gaze in all the right places, while making you want for even more.

However, the music and sound is where Sweet Sweat in Summer feels a little disappointing. The music throughout the game is quite boring and loops badly, which can get annoying. Only rarely does the music set the right tone for a specific scene, but most of the time it’s either neutral or flat out unfitting. The sound effects during the sex scenes are laughable; they sound like someone just made slopping sounds with his mouth. They are very bad and you should probably not focus on them too much if you want to have a good experience. Some of these sound problems can be forgiven by the stellar voice acting done for Karin—as Kouhei is unvoiced to allow yourself to step into his shoes. Voiced by Serizono Miya, Karin sounds incredible cute and convincing. The tone she gives fits perfectly to every scene, making her all the more likable and three-dimensional. Even the moans, yelps and sounds of being shocked are well done, but sometimes they can get quite loud and irritating.

The moment I was defeated.

For a nukige this game has quite an interesting story, but it is written as well as your average erotic doujinshi. With constant remarks in how cute Karin looks and the same metaphors for sex being used over and over again, it can get repetitive as you progress through the game. This low-quality writing can occasionally pull you out of the story and lose interest. All of that aside, the sex scenes are amazing and makes the whole experience worth it. Every bit of erotic content in this game was exactly how I liked it. I finished the game in about 12 hours, but because of my fetishes lining up exactly with those of the game, I needed a few moments to take a break and soak it all in. This game has personally defeated me, as it got me to surrender to its sweet Karin; a sexy little minx who made me so aroused that this review took me longer to write. I recommend this game to anyone who likes a short, high-quality nukige.


  • Great artwork
  • Good character designs
  • Stellar voice acting
  • Interesting story


  • Bad writing
  • Laughable sound effects
  • Annoying unfitting music
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Writing
  • Sound
  • Art and Graphics


All kinds of sex from basic missionary to anal, from blowjobs to bondage. Karin does not even back down to try to fulfill a rape fantasy.

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