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Imagine a young buxom lady chained up in your basement naked, shivering and alone. With a selection of tools like pins, whips, hot wax, and your own brutish violence, what would you do with her? Well, in Ryoujoku Hajigoku, you can do whatever you want…

Now, here’s a game near and dear to my heart. Ryoujoku Hajigoku, more often known simply as Ryoujoku, is a 2007 flash torture simulator by the infamous StudioS. Ryoujoku is much like other flash games of the time, in which you’re presented with a girl and a sidebar of various tools and actions to use on her. What sets Ryoujoku apart from its contemporaries is the extreme cruelty on display, scaring and scarring this poor defenseless girl to hysteria; possibly even death. Unfortunately, it was never released or fan-translated in English, though this isn’t a huge loss as the bulk of the game is simply interacting with the busty victim, inflicting various sadistic tortures upon her. All the toolbar options have images accompanying them, so you’re not likely to get too lost working out what everything is. With just a bit of memorization, you’ll be on your way to abusing cute anime girls like a pro.

When starting up the game, be sure click the lower option you’re greeted with, as it’s an age/extreme content warning.  The -WarninG- strip across the top and bottom of the screen are probably a good enough indication of this, though. Once the main menu appears, you’re again greeted with two very similar looking options, the top being to begin the game while the bottom is for looking at achievements the game seems to have. There’re various awards you unlock based on how you ruin this defenseless girl, but due to my general ineptitude, I can’t seem to unlock most of them. From the looks of it, there’s a selection of these achievements, including a final, all-encompassing one, but I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to try to unlock them aimlessly.

StudioS certainly has a distinct art style. The hard edges and cutout-esque animation are hit or miss for their work, striking out hard in certain games like Strip Fighter, but working well here in Ryoujoku Hajigoku. The closer focus on the redhaired girl means less cut corners, as the entire game is centered on our victim and the weapons used against her. The animation is great, as she reacts to what you bring out and use against her, which differs depending on the level of abuse she’s already received. For example, she’ll cower in fear and whimper if you simply wave the branding iron near her. Her big red eyes look scared and helpless as she’s chained up; red collar and cuffs all linked to stop her from moving her hands too much. Red is the major theme on display in Ryoujoku Hajigoku, as the lady’s eyes, hair, cuffs and even the game’s own menus are all drenched in the color of passion.

There is a little bit of sex in the game, what with the option to rape the girl and all, but by and large, it’s about delivering pain and suffering to her. You can get a little creative with the items too: my favorite combination is putting a blindfold on her, followed by stabbing pins into her eyes through the blindfold. Certain items interact with each other in varying ways, such as how the whip can knock pins and dried wax off the girl. As far as regular (as much as this game can get, anyway) sex goes, you could simply fuck her, use her tits, use her mouth, and even shove an oversized, vibrating dildo up her cunt if that tickles your fancy. Pretty regular stuff overall, but it’s obviously quite forceful, with the jerking of the motions making the rape come off as appropriately  rough and uncomfortable.

One amusing option of note is the tongue tool, which lets you lick the girl wherever you please. It ends up coming off quite comically, as it’s basically a disembodied tongue flying around the girl making various slopping noises while it swings that muscle to-and-fro. It’s initially a little jarring, since it seems a little at odds with the grotesque and depraved atmosphere of the game, but it’s not a big deal and the sound effects for it and other tools all adds to that atmosphere in their own way.

Ryoujoku Hajigoku has a lot to like in the small bundle of sadism it delivers, but where it really stands out is indeed the sound design. Upon simply starting the game, you’re welcomed with an ominous tune of bells and strings. After getting into the game proper, the scene is eerily silent, with the only noises on display being the screams and cries of the poor victim as you abuse her; and boy, does she scream. Her sheer terror is wonderfully expressed in the voice-work and the more extreme options of electrocution or branding have her crying her lungs out in pain. There are times where she pleas (or so I assume) for you to stop, while the chains binding her jingle from her shivering. Whether you love or hate StudioS, their sound design is admirable. The emotion and pain echoed through the victim is what instantly hooked me on Ryoujoku Hajigoku. It reminds me of some of the darker moments with Asuka in Neon Genesis Evangelion. If you take pleasure in hearing cute girls scream and cry, then you’ll definitely find something to like here.

Ryoujoku Hajigoku is a fun little flash game that delves into creatively abusing a helpless puppy dog of a girl. With an interesting, slightly off-kilter cutout art style and perfect sound design, the game constructs a scary, claustrophobic environment for our adorable torture victim. I have a very mixed opinion overall regarding StudioSwith some of their other games being quite clunky and underwhelming, but Ryoujoku Hajigoku is a high point for the studio in my eyes.

You can pick up Ryoujoku Hajigoku from DLsite along with StudioS’s other works, and you can check out updates and the like from StudioS at their website.

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