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New details about Hyperdimension Neptunia VS Sega Hard Girls have been revealed on the Dengeki Online site . This collaborative RPG title between Neptunia and Sega adds a reveal about the two future protagonists, which we touched upon in our previous news article.

IF and Segami, the two playable protagonists of Hyperdimension Neptunia VS Sega Hard Girls, both embark on a journey that spans over space and time itself. Additional characters from the same franchise will appear, but those characters won’t play a major role in this title and act purely as side characters.

A small description of this story has been shown on the Dengeki Online site. (Please note that what we have quoted has been translated from the original Japanese on the site):

The Great Library, a place of which oversees all the history of this world. It’s said that if you can get a hold of the historical texts contained there, rewriting history wouldn’t be impossible. IF, due to a certain objective, arrives at the Great Library one day, after a long journey. But for some reason, as she does, the various historical texts begin disappearing one after another. These books disappearing effectively means history itself is being erased. The past, and in a sense the world, is being erased right in front of her. In order to correct this problem, IF sets out on a journey that will cross over space and time itself.

Additional background information on these main protagonists has been revealed on the Dengeki Online site as well:

IF, one of the main characters of this game, in a present day of destroyed culture, she sets off with her bike on an adventure to make the future at least a little better. She’s serious, cool, and composed. She takes care of things in her party, but she suffers a bit from her childish nature. (Translator’s Note: What it says here is she has a bit of a case of Chuunibyou.)

Segami is a girl with a mysterious case of amnesia. Her nicknames are Segami or Segamin. She can’t remember anything besides her name, but for some reason, she has a strong desire to rewrite the history of the Sega Hard Girls war. She has the charisma and spirit of a leader, but sometimes she just tunes out what anyone else is saying, and her unusual outlook often causes trouble for her comrades.

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