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The recently revealed third wave of DLC costumes for the ecchi on-rails shooter Gal Gun: Double Peace is sure to satisfy a vast array of fetishes.

Alchemist has revealed (via Famitsu) the details for the new set of DLC costumes for female characters for their PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 shooter Gal Gun: Double Peace. The costumes have been made available on the Japanese PS Store on September 3rd. Be sure to check out how they look along with some details directly from Famitsu.

・ Queen’s Bondage; 500 yen (tax excluded)

A queen bondage set that will make those that enjoy being bullied to jump for joy. You also can pair it with a mysterious, superbly made eye mask.

Outfit: Queen’s Bondage Accessory: Queen’s Eye Mask Item: “Please Bully Me!” contract

・ Short Miko Clothes; 500 yen (tax excluded)

A Miko outfit with outstanding girlishness and a very short skirt. We’d recommend pairing the included pair of cute fox ears with any other outfit you want!

Outfit: Short Miko Clothes Accessory: Golden Fox Ears Item: Love Charm

・ Youngster’s Clothes; 500 yen (Tax Excluded)

Clothes that make the girls look just that extra bit younger. The little backpack on it is also cute.

Outfit: Youngster’s Clothes Accessory: Yellow Hat Item: Sort-of a Portrait

・ You’re a Squid Now Dress; 500 yen (tax excluded)

A dress that squids you like you’re right from a recent shooter. Does the amount of bare skin paired with the cute headdress inktrest you?

Outfit: You’re a Squid Now Dress Accessory: Squidified Headdress Item: Jar of Happiness Squid Mangos

Recommended DLC Set of 4, Number 3; 1,600 yen (tax excluded).

You can get all four of these costumes (Queen’s Bondage, Short Miko Clothes, Younger’s Clothes, and You’re a Squid Now Dress) as a single set! We encourage anyone that plans to buy them all to get this set! Please take a look!

If you wish to learn more about the multiple sensual features of Gal Gun: Double Peace and its upcoming international release , be sure to read our previous coverage.

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