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Inti Creates’ sequel to Gal Gun; Gal Gun: Double Peace, has a demo that has just been released in anticipation for the upcoming Japanese release.

Anyone with a Japanese Playstation Network account now has access to the demo for Gal Gun: Double Peace, according to Famitsu  and Gematsu. Gal Gun: Double Peace is the sequel to the on-rails shooter released back in January 2011.

Gal Gun featured a protagonist who was tagged by an apprentice Angel with an arrow that made him irresistible to women nearby. He becomes the most popular guy in school; however for only a day. If he is unable to find his true love by the time the arrow’s effects wears off, he is cursed to be lonely until the day he dies. It’s a rather raw deal.

Not much is known about the sequel, but the original had players fending off women as they rushed at them, brandishing handwritten love notes. Tenzou, the protagonist, would keep them at bay using special pheromone shots which would cause the women to fall to the ground dizzy. Tenzou would also have to choose between the four main women.

Gal Gun: Double Peace follows a similar formula to the first one with the protagonist (Hodai Kudoki) also having to find his true love before the effects of the arrow wear off. Hodai decides on his childhood love, before being accosted on his way there by several other women vying for his affections.

Gal Gun: Double Peace will be available in Japan on August 6 for Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita and anyone interested in giving the demo a go should consult PSN.jp. The PS4 demo is 2.4 GB and the Vita demo is 1.6 GB

Sadly, anyone without a Japanese PSN account is out of luck. Us westerners will have to bide our time until this fps/love sim is localized. We at LewdGamer will give further details on Gal Gun: Double Peace as they are released. If you would to find out more about Gal Gun: Double Peace itself, be sure to check out our previous coverage.

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