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Announced at last month’s game festival, Cyber Dimension Neptune: Four Goddesses now has some more details available thanks to Dengeki PlayStation.

During the Dengeki Game Festival last month, Compile Heart made some announcements. One of those announcements was to introduce us, however fleetingly, to their newest title – Cyber Dimension Neptune: Four Goddesses. You might also know the title as Cyber Dimension Online, which might be rather confusing since it’s not actually an online game.

Regardless, as of this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation, we now have more details on what it’s all about.

Four Goddesses will be first and foremost an action-RPG. The game will revolve around the four goddesses of the Neptunia series, though some changes have been made for this particular installment. Each goddess now has a new fantasy styled costume, designed by the one and only Tsunako. Neptune herself is a Holy Knight, Noire is a Black Knight (who saw that coming?), Blanc is a priest, and Vert is an enchantress.

Great thought has apparently gone into the costumes, with the team describing how well it meshes with the new world. This comes from a series of short statements by executive producer Norihisa Kochiwa, character designer Tsunako, and producer Naoko Mizuno. Check out what they had to say below.

This time the team are trying to go for a different setting, and are trying to represent the characters in a fantasy setting of Neptunia.

While the game’s title has “Online” in it, the game will not be played online. The name comes from the story, which features Neptune and friends playing together online.

Four Goddesses Online is actually the game Vert is always playing throughout the series. She won’t be the main character however, but she may play a larger role.

When you begin, you’ll have to ally with the goddesses over time – but it won’t take too long before you have a full roster.

The story occurs when Neptune and friends notice that there are new characters in their game, and go off to fight the enemies.

According to the team, Cyber Dimension Neptune: Four Goddesses is around 20-30% complete and is likely to be released in Winter of 2016. During the interview, the team also stated that they’ll be releasing more information soon, such as which characters will make an appearance. It’s something they’ve asked us to look forward to, so we should do our best to oblige.

As of this time, the platform on which the game will appear has not been announced, but Compile Heart’s website seems to suggest something will happen on April 14th.

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