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Criminal Girls 2 is likely coming to the West sometime in the future, if this promotional teaser is anything to go by.

The Criminal Girls series is quite risqué. With sexy punishment, perverse action and revealing costumes, Criminal Girls 2 is setting itself up to be one very naughty game. For all of the interest it generated, however, Criminal Girls 2 was looking set to be a Japan-only release. There was little talk about a Western counterpart, until now.

At last night’s NIS America event, audiences caught a glimpse of something that hinted towards a Criminal Girls 2 release. During the closing moments of the event, which was used by NIS to showcase their latest developments, a silhouetted image appeared on the big screen. The image showed what looked to be a number of girls standing in formation. For ordinary folks, this could’ve been anyone, but hardcore fans likely spotted the similarities right away.

For the viewers who weren’t so informed, the silhouettes were accompanied by Disgea’s own Prinny. Prinny helpfully cleared up any residual confusion, by saying “Thanks for coming, dood! Now, don’t do anything too criminal…” This sly nod to who the girls really were all but confirmed the identities of the girls on screen, and while it’s not been officially announced, it’s safe to say Criminal Girls 2 will likely hit our shores.

That’s not the only good news either. It seems that along with the Western release of Criminal Girls 2, the announcement was made that the original would find its way to PC. Criminal Girls: Invite Only, originally a PS Vita exclusive, will now be hitting the PC in April. The new release was brought up at last night’s event, and while we don’t know if this will be using Steam, it’s good news for fans of the series.

Those same fans, however, may hope there isn’t a repeat of the original. When Criminal Girls: Invite Only first released on the PS Vita, it did so with heavy censorship. Audio was cut from portions of the game, and a strange pink mist was added to the motivational mini-game that plays an integral part in the series. It was quite bizarre, to say the least. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen this time.

Criminal Girls 2 was released on the 26th of November 2015 in Japan; click here for more information. Things have only been teased so far, so we’ll likely have to wait on some more confirmation from NIS America. Things are looking up, however, and it’s good news to hear that more games are being considered for our region.

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