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Nippon Ichi Software’s PlayStation Vita game Criminal Girls 2 guide comes with a piece of DLC, which adds lifeless mind-broken eyes to the punishment sections of the game.

The Japanese publishing company SB Creative has come out with a guide for the Nippon Ichi Software PS Vita game Criminal Girls 2.

The guide includes maps, character info, hidden settings, and other things related to completing the game. They also have a huge color collection of the various punishment scenes in the game. You can take a look at some of the sample pages below.

In addition, the guide comes with exclusive DLC that allows the light in the girls’ eyes to “disappear” while you’re punishing them. It’s called “Super Sadistic Instructor; Hopeless Punishment Situation!” Ater all, the purpose of punishment is to break a person’s will. What better to demonstrate that than having the girls look completely mind-broken as you continue to dish out more sexy physical discipline? Not much, we imagine. As always, take a look what the whole process looks like in these telling screenshots and video below.

The guide 112-page guide can now be purchased on AmiAmi for 2,484 yen (a bit more over $20). Remember that this DLC can only be acquired by purchasing the book. If you want to enhance your Criminal Girls 2 experience and make it that extra touch more sadistic, be sure to grab it now.

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