Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

A huge amount of information on Nippon Ichi Software’s newest punishment and reward RPG Criminal Girls 2, continues to be released. This time it’s about the game’s varied mechanics.

Nippon Ichi has posted (via Gamer) an extensive amount of information on their upcoming PlayStation Vita RPG. LewdGamer has the scoop and has translated the exciting details .

Previously, the basic story, main characters, and general details have been shown for Criminal Girls 2. This time, we have some new information about the powered-up “punishment” system for growing your characters, the mysterious girl you and the girls meet in hell; Enri, and the new battle system.

Limited edition box art

Shinoa; CV: Akutsu Kana

Lili; CV: Kanae Mitsuki

Chloe; CV: Kakuma Ai

Mizuki; CV: Tsuji Ayumi

Sui; CV: Igarashi Hiromi

Yurine; CV: Nakamura Sakura

Tsukasa; CV: Yoshida Seiko

Introducing the mysterious girl that the main characters meet; Enri!

Enri; CV: Kouno MarikaA mysterious girl that you meet in hell

“Kyahaha!♪ Humans really act stuuupid♪”

A mysterious girl you meet right in the middle of the trials in hell. With a creepy smile, she provokes the main characters.

Battle System:

Every turn in the game, you can choose from one of the four girl’s proposed plans of attacking. They’ll then base their attacks around what you chose.

During battle you choose from among the girl’s plans. Depending on which girl it is, there’ll be a massive difference in what they want to do. If you punish and grow your girls enough, you can actually persuade them to use normal attacks as well.

Attack skills that will deal devastating damage, defense skills that lessen the damage of enemies immensely, choose what you want them to do!

Various skills:By punishing and bringing up the girls, they can learn various skills and expand the pool from which you can choose. There are attack skills, recovery skills, support skills, etc. Choose the right ones at the right time and battle the toughest bosses!

Chloe’s powerful magic attack!

Tsukasa’s skill to raise party members’ defense!

Bond Attacks:

Among the girls’ skills are “bond attacks”, that require two girls to work together to unleash devastating damage or add battle-changing effects. These attacks are born of deep bonds, so bond and unleash the ultimate attacks!

Lili and Mizuki’s Zwei Assault. A powerful electric attack!

Tsukasa and Yurine’s Force Impact. It deals damage to all enemies!

New System “Guidance”

Aside from just choosing the girls’ attack plans, the protagonist can also tell girls to use items, switch out which girls are fighting, etc. However, in Criminal Girls 2, a new system has been introduced that allows you to scold and praise the girls in battle too. This system is called “guidance.”

“Guide” the girls and, depending on their “Sadist” and “Masochist” affiliation, their status will change. The “S and M Affiliations” can be changed per girl by punishing them. We’ll get more into the S and M stuff in a later article. Moreover, “guidance” lasts for three turns. Pick the right time to use “guidance” and guide the girls to victory!

Depending on the character, their reaction to your guidance will be different.

Even praising some characters causes them to lose morale?!

Introduction to the varieties of punishment!

Lastly, the Criminal Girls series has a feature you can’t ignore, as it’s used to grow characters: the “punishment” feature. Now we’ll introduce you to the four kinds of punishment present in Criminal Girls 2.

Brushy Brushy Training:

“Brush all over the girl’s body!”

“Brushy Brushy Training” is where you use a brush to scrape and brush all over a girl’s body. The “naughtiness” of the girls manifests as dirt. Scrub it clean!

Also, despite it being named “training”, this is a very important job. You must brush the girls into decent people in order for them to be reborn!

Spanking X:

“Spank them with the whip of love!”

“Spanking X” is where you use a whip to punish the girls. Time your taps precisely to the green ring, and whip the girls into shape!

Every time you punish the girls, they make a sultry voice. You might feel pity for them, but in order for them to be reborn, you must steel your heart and whip them with love!

Slime Bukkake:

“Cover with viscous slime!”

“Slime Bukkake” is exactly what it sounds like. You have to cover the girls in slime. Flick the slime found on the bottom portion of the screen onto the girls to clean their heart.

The lively feel and weird smell of the slime will surely guide the girls back to rebirth…right?

Shocky Shocky Bondage:

“Shock the girl you’ve bound!”

“Shocky Shocky Bondage” is where you tie up a girl and use an electrical massager to stimulate her. Build up the electricity and chase out the naughtiness in her heart. The girls will react sensitively, so watch them bend over backwards from your punishment!

A tremendous amount of information surely to get you excited for some steamy punishment action when the game releases in Japan on the 26th of November. If you would like to learn more about Criminal Girls 2 and how to pre-order it, be sure to read all of our past articles on the game.

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