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Dengeki Online has revealed a good portion of new information about the upcoming PlayStation Vita punishment and redemption RPG Criminal Girls 2.

LewdGamer has gone ahead and translated Dengeki Online’s newest Criminal Girls 2 article, taking us to the depths of Hell itself and revealing even more information about Nippon Ichi Software’s latest perverted RPG. The article mentions special punishment videos, which will be viewable upon scanning the upcoming August 27th issue of Dengeki PlayStation with a mobile device, along with interviews with a few of the voice actresses lending their talents to the game. Be sure to read carefully and take in all of the juicy details.

Become the guide for 7 “half-sinner” girls, challenging for the right to rebirth in Criminal Girls 2. With Hell as the main stage, you can endure through intense trials, interact with a bunch of unique girls, and dish out some naughty “punishment” (to rank up their skills!). In this second installment, both the battle and the punishment system have only improved!

In the August 27th issue of Dengeki PlayStation, new Criminal Girls 2 info has arrived! The erotic cover art for the game featuring the 7 girls, the mysterious girl appearing in front of the protagonists, and the “2” battle system are all revealed!

There’s a QR code that you can scan to view a “live” version of the kind of punishment videos you can expect in the game! But you’d better be careful, as there’s a good chance you won’t be able to hold back your “excitement” until the game releases if you watch the video! There will also be an interview with two of the voice actresses and lots of new images, so don’t miss this latest release!

A mysterious girl appears in front of the MC and girls. Who is she and what does she want?

“My name’s Enri, and I like watching humans. I’m just a slightly precocious little girl.”

Check out the unique story and battle system in “Criminal Girls 2” as the mystery gets peeled away.

In this game, only the girls fight in battle. You, the protagonist, don’t directly fight, but rather give order to the girls in order to fight efficiently.

There are special skills and magic spells that you can order them to use as well. In addition to that, there are cooperative skills that have the girls working together to great effect. Use them efficiently to get through the difficult trials ahead!

In the magazine, we go over some of the skills and bond attacks in Criminal Girls 2. Not only are there great combination attacks as in the last game, but there’s also another system that makes your guidance even more important, as “scolding”, “praising”, “worrying”, etc will change the statuses of the girls. We encourage you to check it out!

The girls won’t do exactly as you say (especially in the beginning). Being able to lead the girls despite them not really fighting the way you want is what being a true guide is all about! Does the key to victory lie in this new “guidance” system?!

(The image above with the sliders says this; from top to bottom)

“I’m not feeling too good right now”

“If I get it done, it’s fine right?”

“I’ll try my best.”

“Please think a bit more before saying that kind of stuff.”

(The four icons at the bottom say, from left to right)

“Scold”, “Praise”, “Feel Anxious”, “Worry”

Four videos made public! Feel the passionate acting of the CVs!

The unique thing about this series is the “punishment” system when you’re raising the girls. After fulfilling certain conditions, you can partake in things such “scrubbing training” and “slime bukkake” are minigames that make use of the touch screen.

Succeed in the punishment, and your characters’ parameters and skills will grow quite a bit, so it’s essential to playing the game. Almost all of them are pretty lewd, but since you can only do it to the girls you’re guiding, go ahead and do it as much as you want! (though we’d still suggest that you make sure nobody’s around when you’re playing)

In the magazine itself, there will be smartphone QR codes you can scan to see 4 types of punishment: “scrubbing training,” “spanking,” “slime bukkake,” and “tight bondage.”

The contents are…well, let’s just say we’d like you to check for yourself.

The game has a “punishment” system that’s pretty much mandatory to progressing. What’s that? Is it okay to do these things to the girls…? YES! That’s a counselor’s job! It’s YOUR job!

Lastly, we’ve got interviews with Kakuma Ai and Tsuji Ayumi, the actresses playing Chloe and Mizuki. Pair the interviews up with the QR videos and you’ll be having a lot of fun!

Be sure to take a look at our previous Criminal Girls 2 article, which details gameplay, character and preorder information.

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