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D3 Publisher has released a new bunch of information on their upcoming ecchi shooter Bullet Girls 2.

D3 Publisher has revealed even more feature information about Bullet Girls 2, detailing school stores, in which you can purchase items and equipment, upgradable character-specific weapons, and items used to haze girls during interrogation sessions. Find out more below in our translation of the Dengeki Hime article.

Burn off all that condensed milk with some new “Bullet Girls 2” info!

Today, there’s been some new info on the “stripping” shooter by D3 Publisher, Bullet Girls 2, including the school store attendant, Yukishiro Rumi, becoming a playable character!

“Due to player interest, the school store attendant from the last game has become playable!”

This game’s school store is a bit different than before! Of course, it will allow you to buy items and equipment with the points you earn in-game just like before; however, after fulfilling a certain condition, you can also have Rumi participate in battle in Bullet Girls 2 with her beloved grenade launcher “Platina Samba” (N79-R). You can also bully her and have her bully you in both “anti-interrogation” training modes. How will she fight, considering she’s not a member of the Ranger club?! And how will she react during anti-interrogation training?!

“Character-specific weapons powered-up”

After completing a certain condition, a character’s unique weapon will grow more powerful. Not only will the attack power increase, but the look of the weapon will change in accordance with the personality of that specific character. Almost like a mecha anime, you can increase the power of your character’s special weapon and dominate the battlefield! Get out there and destroy everything with the weapon you love most!

“Haze the girls with even more usable items!”

The amounts of items you can use during anti-interrogation training has been increased! Of course, all the items from the previous game are in here, along with many new ones for the sequel. Any items can be used in all three forms of training, “anti-interrogation training”, “double anti-interrogation training”, and “reverse anti-interrogation training.” Use those point items and keep hazing until all the fluids (sweat or tears) come out!


An item that can turn anyone back into a baby. During “anti-interrogation training”, you can view the girls sucking on the pacifier. In the “reverse anti-interrogation training”, you can rest your mind and body, weary from the strains of society by sucking as hard you want on that pacifier. Whenever it’s being sucked on, the time limit is paused.

Eel (Aquaculture)

Delicious when grilled, this eel will be used during interrogation modes by shoving it into the girls’ mouths head first. Even if you’re not eating it, just watching gives you energy! After using it, all the Ranger Club members enjoy a good meal with it.

Condensed Milk

Condensed milk that makes strawberries and the like taste even better. This item will never disappear no matter how many times you use it, so go ahead and cover whatever you like. You can cover or be covered with this wonderful item.

Bullet Girls 2 will premiere in Japan for the PlayStation Vita on April 21st. There are currently no plans for a Western release of the title, but the Japanese version of the game with the First Edition bonuses can now be pre-ordered over at AmiAmi for 6,150 yen.

Be sure to check out our previous coverage on Bullet Girls 2 to learn more about game how it dials up the sexiness in the ecchi shooter genre up to eleven.

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